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Three Basic Book Marketing Strategies for New Authors

Updated on November 5, 2018
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Jo Anne became a caregiver to her mom in 2014. She is also a publisher, coach, and author of On Solid Ground, an inspirational poetry book.

Are you a new author who has finally completed your writing project and are now more seriously considering ways to get the word out and make some money? Or, are you an aspiring author wondering what to do next before your book is finished? Some people think writing the book is the hardest part while others believe that marketing the final product is more challenging. However, they are both equally important. Without the writing, there is nothing to market; and without the marketing, many will never know it’s written.

This list provides three basic book marketing strategies that can put feet to your faith and help you move forward in sharing your message with the world, generate additional income and expand your comfort zone.

Interpersonal Relationships

It has often been said that books don’t sell books, people do. It’s the relationships the writers develop with others that help them sell themselves, their message and consequently their books. The following are potential relationship pools to swim in.

  • Personal Relationships – Coworkers, Spiritual Community Members, Friends and Family.
  • Indirect Relationships – New associates met in passing or at networking events; and friends and acquaintances of friends.
  • Membership Organizations – The National Writers Union (NWU) is the only labor union (UAW Local 1981) that represents freelance writers and provides a host of resources, benefits, and services that include free monthly workshops and opportunities for writers to showcase their work at book fairs and related events.

Social Media

Creating social media accounts is necessary for establishing an online presence and promoting your brand, product and self. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and StumbleUpon are just a few social media networks that can help you market your products.

  • Profile Information – Your profile on various social media networks should be complete and have consistent information about you and what you represent; and include links that connect to your website or external site to purchase your books.
  • Communication – Interact with your social network friends, fans and followers. Join and participate in related groups. Engage in communication by responding to or initiating posts that generate comments. Be transparent, authentic and helpful with the information shared. Use image posts, ask a question, and add value to attract more engagement.
  • Affiliate Links – Register an “Associate” account on in order to post direct links to your books and the books and products of others for potential additional income.

Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Again, books won’t sell themselves. Therefore, if you are shy about being up front or have an aversion to selling, then you are pretty much declaring you have an aversion to money. Repeatedly face your fear with faith and step outside your comfort zone to new experiences, people, places and things.

  • Change your thinking – Don’t look at it as merely selling a book, instead see it as sharing yourself and vital information that can help transform someone’s life. Think of your divinely inspired message that needs to be heard or read, and share it with others.
  • Be open to opportunities – Say yes to opportunities to be up front and speak about who you are, and what you offer. It will help you push pass your fears and into a more comfortable place of expression and abundance.
  • Remember who you are – Daily connect to the great “I Am” Holy Spirit presence within you to summon and walk in the bold, joyful, loving, powerful and influential person that you were created to be in God’s image.

© 2018 Jo Anne Meekins


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