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Batman Is Not A Superhero

Updated on July 9, 2014

I know what you have been told for decades. Don't feel bad I believed it too.

We were told that Batman was a Superhero. In fact he was included with other Superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil and even Superman but I'm sorry to tell you he doesn't belong.

The simple reason: he has no super powers.

All the above mentioned characters and many others have some type of extraordinary power(s).

Superman has x-ray vision, super strength, can fly, has heat vision, etc. Spiderman can climb walls, has spider strength, has spider sense and acrobatic agility.

What can Batman do?

Oh, he has a utility belt. That's not a super power that's essentially a tool what a construction worker wears.

I'm sorry but that does not qualify you as a SUPERhero.

He can take things out of it like smoke bombs and what not but that is not a super power.

Batman drives a car. He does not fly, climb walls or bound down the street like the Hulk he jumps in his "whip" and cruises to the scene of the the police do.


That might make him a hero but a Superhero he is not. I wonder how the Green Lantern and the rest of the crew feel about his inclusion.

They've probably been told to be politically correct and not say anything.

I on the other hand, didn't get that memo.

Batman's gear


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    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Well said Larry Wall.

    • profile image

      Larry Wall 2 years ago

      I once read a book about the great comic book superheros and the author agrees with your statement that Batman had no "superpowers." However, he was highly intelligent, was dedicated to fighting crime, was in outstanding physical edition and basically worked hard to be a person who could help others. On the other hand Superman, woke up in the morning and he was Superman, no training, did not need to design a car or airplane and did not risk being shot. Break it down in the comic world was a hero without super powers, but was a super person. Unfortunately, all the superheros are imaginary. I read my comic books for year, escaping into a fantasy world. The real super heroes of today are the young men who fight to preserve freedom in around the world, the policemen who put their lives at risk when answering a domestic dispute and children with incurable diseases who do not give up. Batman was a super hero because being just a man with no special powers, he, for many, created the idea that an individual can strive to be a better person and contribute to society in a special. Comic books were fun. Batman, Superman, the Flash and others were make believe. However, we do have super heroes today. They help people with their training, courage and determination without "capes, fancy cars or powers far beyond those of mortal man."

      I enjoyed by years of reading comic books because they offered an escape from the demands of real life, even it was only for a short time every Saturday afternoon.

    • profile image

      Qwicksylver 3 years ago

      Batman does have a super power, he has mastered many disciplines that require nearly a lifetime of dedication to master. So much so as it would cause a degrade or decline in his other skills.

    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 3 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      This article was satirical in nature and actually a venture in light-hearted fun but to get technical and answer your question: Iron Man's suit gives him super powers to fly via jet boosters, shoot repulsor rays and it also gives him super strength. Artificial as they may be they are super powers.

    • profile image

      caperbuster 3 years ago

      So you don't consider Batman a superhero, but you do consider Iron Man a superhero. I'm curious, what is Iron Man's super power?