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Baton down the derivatives of time

Updated on August 8, 2015

Going my way

Much as we try , we never seem to be able to find the actual mechanism by which man originally was created and it seems that it is not going to matter anyway.
Much as we try , we never seem to be able to find the actual mechanism by which man originally was created and it seems that it is not going to matter anyway. | Source

Survival of the Human Species

I had a tough time proving to my cat that I was a human. What is it that is so different in humans? It is easier to find the similarities among men. They fight to keep the similarities alive. On a personal front, there is no humor in waking up one morning and finding that all your neighbors have bought an oven and you have not. And there certainly is none, when you are driving down the highway and miss a turning – you may have to spend all day getting back to where you want to go. Survival is about more than just being ahead, it also is about the way one orients to the way things actually are.

Seek no solace in an extra bite after dinner

Man has reached at last! He has settled down, raised cattle and is farming lands. Man has beaten the continuum of time and put it where it belongs – upon a mantelpiece or on top of a table. You could look at time all day long – those have been the times when I have fallen into a sound sleep.

Equating time and space

On a more serious note, there was the time when I was at college doing my course in engineering. My favorite space in class was right at the back and the lecture I most enjoyed was strength of concrete. Never could time and space have given an individual more profound peace and … slumber. It is seen that in colleges, the velocity of an individual headed for the dining hall was relatively faster, considerably more pronounced and definitely, an unstoppable force without any abrasions, compared to the locomotion of the same wagon towards the first class of the morning session: the continuum of life.

Many people have missed the gist, the sayings of Aristotle, the wisdom of eight-fold path of Buddha and the irrevocable truth of sayings of Christ, which proclaims that many shall follow but no one would succeed. They mistook it for their curriculum. Of course, the professors could understand it, but the students found that wall too hard to climb. The continuum just did not extend that far enough.

Action of birds and insects in pollination

Is Father insane?

Now, for a point regarding abrasion; if everyone had a gun, there would be no more people --- the saner half of human population (those ten people hiding in underground bombproof chambers under a hill) have accepted this wisdom. They are obviously not sharing this wisdom with the rest of our insane world. Who do you think would venture out and go to work? And who do you think would like to give bread away, to his children and families? The father is a man with a purpose and his family is triumph of his life. It is the settlement of his family that is paramount for the patriarch.

Contrarily, every baby is born with a vengeance; some babies cling on it, some babies forget it, but mostly when they see other babies, the significance is lost and clarity becomes obscured. (They call it love). So, what should we do with babies? Reality bites, and no one has come up with a solution yet. There are no abrasions within family, father loves baby and baby has no one else to love. It is perfect. Time and abrasions cease to matter at that point in time.

Hope it is clear (it is tough to write an article that makes complete sense).

Getting proper results in time

One must go forward unless you are held back
One must go forward unless you are held back | Source

Finding the right goat – er, vehicle

The propagation of human species obviously cannot occur by mere pollination by bees or through spreading pollens, which clinging to the fur coat of a real goat. A real goat would not tolerate that. A real goat would shake itself off and carry on with its duties. In fact, the goat would not even go near the bush that was carrying those pollens! Humans would have to find other vehicles of propagation. Now, that the velocity of propagation of the human kind seemed to have hit a brick wall, there had to be some kind of understanding regarding the cross-pollination. Alternatively, they had to find some other goat.

It is time to determine the settlement value of pollinated species; it is time for lambs to come home. Will there be a continuation of the human species, or will there be a need to slither into some sperm bank or gene conservatory and hide until all excitement over pollens and goats dies down?

Mystery of life will baffle man for ages to come

Do never forget, you were born of your father and your mother. Man is a peaceful species and life is making it a point to remind him at every turn. One day it will be your turn, remember, your father took it well, and so should you.


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