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Be Careful What Writing Sites You Join

Updated on June 12, 2022

Looking Over The Array

Over the decade many sites have sprung up then disappeared. Some were created to be scams Some simply couldn't earn enough to pay users.

Realising this, one joins with a big chunk of suspicion.

Take sites that demand a lot...a LOT of work. They want all kinds of research with authorities. If they pay, they pay pennies.

There are sites which demand very little work and may or may not pay.

These are just two categories of the light torture of attempting to write online.

One has to weigh the work done with the money received. One also has to examine the quality of the site itself. How many hits does it get a month?

Work For What

Take a site I'll call Ritedj; it demands as much work as were you to be preparing a University level thesis.

Okay...what's the stats?

Ritedj began with 200k views; last year. It dropped to 8k views a Month. It has worked it way back up to 35k views last month.

This is no site you want to write for. Too much work and...How much can it pay with so few visitors?

Nutsy, (another imaginary name) has all of 37k views. It once had 50k.

This site Bumpy (another imaginary site) has over 5M visitors a month. It doesn't demand as much as Ritedj but pays very very badly.

The point with visitors, the more eyes, the more likely someone might read your work. Read your work means a view. A view means it counts to your coin.

Hence, where there are a lot of eyes on your work you tend to gather coin, unless it is one of those rip offs where you need 600 views to get that precious 1c


Every single writing Ponzi had victims shouting from the roof tops.
But, The shills outshouted the victims.

Factoidz, for example, had vicious Shills patrolling writing sites to 'dispute' the claims of those writers who stated they had not been paid and their revenue captured.

The same Shills complained when the site went down without a word, taking their $$ with it.

The Same Shills from Factoidz then began touting Bubblews. They attacked anyone who posted an unfavourable remark about it.

The fact that Bubblews was created as a scam is rejected by those who know nothing at all whatsoever about the site, the owners, the procedures.

If anyone says they were not paid by X site; believe them. If you really think that they 'Broke The Rules..' well how would another user, an average user, know this? The 'offensive' post would have been removed, and which Admin makes a Public Service announcement that..."Userrry was kicked off because he broke the rules?"

To be coarse, how the &^%^ would anyone but the Admin KNOW if a writer broke any rule at all?

Another clue are sites that pay automatically; they may pay pennies, but they pay, automatically. Any site you have to 'put in for payment' does not pay.

Oh, they may pay the first or second time... but when you have to put in for payment that means Some Human will 'judge' whether or Not you will be paid.

How do I know this?

Those who pay automatically have a computer do the numbers. So they pay automatically. The computer is set, it sends the money.

Those who don't pay want to consider if they will pay You. Or not Pay You.

You put in for that redemption. Of course, as soon as you do, your account is set to Zero. And now Admin decides if it will pay or not.

Hence you, who had $50 in your account now have 0. And don't get paid.

Enjoy Yourself

Join sites that don't demand you sit up all night researching for pennies.

To put it bluntly, if you want this kind of work a real writer will charge far more than the crap site will pay. Sites which demand a lot of work for pennies know the person who is performing the writing has no life, and can easily be ripped.

Face it, if you were working in the U.S. at $10 an hour, and the research took you two hours, and the writing another hour, and the document was proof read, authorities applied, another hour, you would expect at least $50 up front for your time alone.

You are not getting that.

Better you write what you want, and post it, without pain, and take the few cents you'll get over time.

You can always republish it elsewhere if the first site doesn't pay or goes down or ceases to feature your work. You might have to remove it from the first site, or, rewrite it for the second.

Consider that each day you write your talent and skill increases so that today you are a far better writer than you were last year.

Rewriting an item at your increased level of skill makes it a far better article than it was. Far better and substantially different.

What If You are unsure about the Site?

Years ago I used to use my 'Clown Series'. This was a set of articles about being a clown in a circus.

I never was a clown in a circus. I don't like clowns. However, the point is, well written items about a topic I know nothing about and don't care about, were posted.

If the site didn't pay, if the site demanded all sorts of extra work, if the site went down, whatever pitfalls and disasters; it didn't matter. The items I posted were...well...worthless.

Yeah, I cracked up every other sentence.

The point is, if you post worthless stuff, (good grammar, no misspellings, well written) you can't really feel too badly when the site doesn't pay you. It is not like you spent half a night pouring out your soul. It is not like you revealed the secrets of the Universe.

This style of posting stuff that means nothing to you is a good way to test the credibility of a site. Especially a site you've been warned about.

Further, sites like Mylot which are recurring scams have a stable of writers who post what they had for breakfast, what their cat did, the tree they saw walking to the supermarket.

These are 'hot topics' written by people who know the site is a rip.

When you see this kind of rubbish and join the site, do the same. Post nothing of any value that takes more than five minutes to type.

If they don't pay, well...


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