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Short Story: Be Ready! S.h.a.r.e. Part (2)

Updated on December 11, 2011

Take the understanding, not look for any grammatical errors. Have no desire to be anyone else but me. Thank You! Bless.

We must all be ready to face the Evil that will come to greet us, when we have finished flirting with the good that we feel inside, no time to hide. A great photographer captures more than just the picture. This view which he has is just another filtering pot that he collects through the Camera. Why is this so, see who becomes the greatest photographers in time? The great ones are the ones who have learned to understand that life is much more that only what he sees. Here is something that I say to the youths , the secret in this life is to learn , but with the understanding that it is better to always share what you learn, never hide it, hiding should indicate to you that you are doing something unusual , and the flag should go up questioning what for? Ask yourself, why am I moving away from that which is my true self/ And what will I gain? That's is usually the beginning of that which later be known to you as selfishness.

That’s where the territory of Evil starts and you are moving in on the property. My mother always say to me son: No man is an island- what she meant is that you will always need someone.

This is how easy it is to figure out, why it is always better to share. Take for instance everything that packaged comes with an expiration date, that’s one. If I ask you which do you prefer fresh or stale in most things, unless you are quite different your answer will be stale. The very same goes with the brain the more fresh that you can keep it is the more you will be able to retain , because the average uses only lets say 1/3 of his capacity. That’s scientific. But my actual reason has to do with being a well rounded god fearing human being.

This person will; understand that along his way everyone that lent him a hand in one way or another is just as important as the man sponsoring the entire trip. There are no lesser, the sum is truly equal the all the parts added up. This is the reason in today‘s world our kids are becoming more and more selfish, though it’s their fault , I would say it’s equally the environment that they live in, because they are coming from a home with parents. My mother always say to me son: Charity begins at home. “Love you mother.”

You are automatically a better human being when you have learned to factor in sharing as a part of your everyday life, no matter the quantity. When you share you create double your ability to utilize the other 2/3 of your ability to learn more and it also feels extremely great. Don’t become only a spotlight junkie, share and give when the camera is resting and eventually realize that it too must seek the greatest entity of all times the “Truth” , I use to believe it was Time , but I have come to realize that even time itself is seeking the “truth” Is the reason there must be a God. Man cannot govern Time , but he was given the ability to govern “His Truth” what he would , should and could believe and his truth lies in what he chooses , he was given “Free Choice” His conscience. Can’t you not feel it?

Remember all those same abilities that you observe other have learned and have hidden, kept to themselves. Look at them now their learning capabilities have diminished drastically. Why is that so? No need to ask I gave the answer earlier. They have utilized all the space trying to protect that which should be shared and in most cases their reason is simply greed. Not the betterment of mankind but pure unadulterated greed! I give thanks and praises to the Most High God.



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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks you very much Eddy. See you are the first on this so maybe you have awaken something .

      Let me tell you officially this minute so you can share the moment . My lips have now touched my ears .lol. Hope you see the joke and why is because that's one of the true ways appreciation is recognized .

      You have not once let your let your emotion take over yiour true self , not since I first met you and that's a great sign , anyone putting themselves in your shoes you would be amazed at the picture that would be painted.

      To thyne own self be true Eddy.

      Your books will be exactly what will give you all the strength to become you very best . I know this, and you will write many.


    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub Sky ; I am glad I have looked up your older hubs.

      Very often I would say "I haven't time today : I will do it tomorrow!!" Sadly very often tomorrow never comes.

      Here's to so many more fo us both to share my friend.

      I love your writing style.

      Take care;