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Beat, Poem

Updated on April 17, 2013


I saw the best minds of my generation create and destroy all at the same time.

I saw their worlds get torn up right in front while they stared aimlessly at fucking MTV.

I heard them complain about politics and a woman president, then scoff when I asked if they were registered to vote.

Their minds filled with songs, movies, Family Guy.

Rambo, Rocky and Indiana Jones coming back for another go. Fighting for another glory day.

I saw purple monsters soar above dark streets and master the mind games that inhabit the world.

I heard music turn from great to horrible. No soul, no feelings, no emotion – dead.

A death that shocked so few but impacted millions.

Are we scholars or warriors?

Who can we be?

How can we live in a time where we create and destroy all at the same time?

I saw people vote for W again, which blew my mind, making fools of Americans.

Must we travel to far off places to find intelligent life?

But no one is prepared for what will come.  Just wait.

All Hell will break loose and you won’t know what to do.

Let’s all drink and be merry.



Most times it’s him and me, moving slowly, watching.

Other times it’s just me making black holes in the floor.

Sometimes, when we both can see the world spinning, we shout out loud that we love each other.

One by one, our thoughts echo through our brains, coming out sporadically to insult those around us.

Filtered through our ears and come back as mush.

Watch as we slowly change from one emotion to another, frequently changing our outer look.

Every day I see his eyes when they don’t see me.

I choose to look, and other times we sink.

Does it make sense to say that we are not alone when all I feel is alone?

I feel so alone.

Marching bands plow through my head, knees in air, feet on ground.

My thoughts are stomped to the ground.

Stomped flat down.



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    • Mike's Corner profile image

      Mike's Corner 6 years ago from Maryland

      Brilliant job, Kereeves3!

      . . . I'm with you in Rockland