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Beautiful Things Die Too, Ya Know

Updated on February 12, 2012

She is young and beautiful

like the greatest art ever created.

She knows it

and every time she looks into the mirror

she's proud of her skin.

She's the beauty every man wants

and for good reason.

She’s sometimes superficial.

In her mind she is a gift from God

(and maybe she’s right).

But the strings of youth will one day snap.

That skin,

now a smooth and shining matter,

will curl against the flames of time.

Those eyes, the ones with which she melts the minds of men,

will weaken and dissolve into empty sockets.

Her hair,

a fair blonde,

will slowly turn overcast gray.

Her pretty young nails all painted red

will become brittle, maybe even yellow

if she keeps puffing on those cigarettes.

And one day,

beauty that now lives like the most magnificent flower

will become faded, like the pages of a priceless book,

and die just like everything wonderful does.

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