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Beauty Seen, Beauty Heard, and Feelings

Updated on November 1, 2013

The Palette

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

The Beautiful

As human beings, we have been endowed with most wonderful gifts. The treasure of vision was given to us so that we could look with our eyes and marvel at the amazing colors of all of nature. The beautiful blues of the sky above us all, the beauty of the trees so green and full of life, and the shades of dark blue to lighter ones of the oceans and lakes around us, that only an artist's palette could render and portray before our eyes. The white billowing clouds above in the sky and the placid snow that covers a winter's scene, giving us the comfort to view it and feel the secure warmth of our comfortable home.

The colorful birds, made for us to enjoy, as they eat red berries from a shrub and then take flight , ascending into the green wild from which they came. The scurrying of small brown squirrels across the yard and their antics as they cavort and scamper up to trees, giving chase to one another about the branches.The white tailed deer, the light brown of their coats almost blending with the forest and giving them an aura of ghosts, in their appearance along the acorn strewn pathway, near the wooded edges.

The dark of the night and its cool shades from black to grays, highlighted by the moon's light with its yellow golden borders. Reflections brightly mirroring the moonlight rippling across the waters of the lake, as the cry of a lonesome loon adds to our feeling of being alone. A shiver of the cold, brought on the wings of a sudden breeze, and we feel the need to button our coats. The cry of a coyote in the far reaches of the woods and hills, adds a mystery to the chill of the air about us. We walk with a hurried gate toward the house and a waiting fireplace needing to be stoked, and to warm our hands from the cold of the night .

We reach our hearth and have the comfort afforded by the high stack of fresh logs placed there by a thoughtful soul. Security and being safe permeates our being, as we bask in the waves of warmth from the glowing fire at our feet. We remove the snugness of our boots and wiggle our toes before the welcoming fire that beckons to us, in the quiet of our cabin. Another day has come and gone with the last rays of a setting sun. Now all is at peace and a deep darkness of the night swallows all that is about it.. The grey squirrels are snuggling in their nests, the deer lay in a warm spot in the moonlight, the birds are quiet and await the coming sun at morning's first light and they may once again welcome the bright light of day with the beauty of their shrill and melodious calls. Now sleep comes to all of God's creatures there around the little cabin at the edge of the woods, so deep and wild.

Now will be the time of dreams in my thoughts and hollows of my mind, as I drift off into the calm and quite of the small room, there in the happiness, that I call my retreat. Today is done, and tomorrow awaits with my canvas and paints, so that I may see and try to record more of beauty I behold, and more fond memories to make.

all rights reserved and under copyright 2012



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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      The sights of color and the sounds of the creatures are very soothing to the senses. Great prose!


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