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Becoming a Better Hub Writer

Updated on June 17, 2016

The Generation That is Among Us

Lets face it the English language is slowly being killed. We live in a generation where kids have no respect and can't speak proper English. As I browse the internet I am constantly seeing kids and teens slowly declining in smarts. There are people who think that when it is New Years America is turning 2016 years old! Where ADHD is spelled 80HD, no offence is spelled noah fence, and diabetes is now die of beaties. I could go on forever about how intelligence is declining faster and faster each and every year. We live in a world where we can use proper English as a way to piss someone off when we don't agree with their point. However I will stop my utterly pointless rant, because you didn't come here to listen to that. My point is very few of us want to learn how to write great pieces and I'm just here to help in any way I can to make it a bit easier for you.

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Parts of a Good Writing Piece


Back to the Basics

I'm not going to act like I am the absolute best writer there is, because no I don't have the absolute best grammar and spellings skills. However I am still able to put together pretty good writing pieces.

-Pick a topic that goes with your audience and stay with it- We're going to start with picking your audience. The easiest way I think to pick a target audience is imagine when your out and walking around who is the easiest to talk to. Do you appeal more to teens and young adults? Or maybe you can talk to adults in their late 20's to late 30's, because their more mature. Or maybe your a mom so you find it easiest to talk to other mothers. Which ever your target audience is stick to it. Don't make your writing messy where you think you can appeal to everyone, because you can't its borderline impossible.

Now for topics obviously you can't write about the same thing every single time you go to write, that's just crazy. So what I do is i find a few topics I can stay inspired on. For instance I mostly like to write about today's society, medical issues from the patients perspective, and just all around informative topics. Now of course I would love to write about DIY's and decorating, however I can't stay focused on the subject it's just to meaningless to me. So if you're having trouble picking topics pick a few things you're absolutely amazing at and see what you have to offer when writing about those topics.

- Use descriptive words but use them wisely- When people first start to write they think "Now I'm a writer I should use the most descriptive words possible". Please don't do this. Find your moderation between too many descriptive words and too little. Provide enough descriptive to make an image in the readers head, but not so many that the reader becomes bored. Keep it simple. Example:

Correct: The stars glimmered in the pitch black sky.

Incorrect: The gold stars glimmered beautifully in the black midnight sky.

Now you maybe thinking the incorrect one paints a beautiful picture and it's better than the first. However you have to take into consideration that if you continuously write like that then all of your sentences will drift from the point and will become a mush of adjectives that no one will bother with. So remember try to use your adjectives in moderation and keep it simple.

Don't Forget Your Punctuation People!

-Don't forget your punctuation people- I know far too many people who don't know how to use commas. This one woman I was helping write a piece she had 5 and's in one sentence, the sad part is she didn't understand how to only use one and. So yes the video above may look childish and worth skipping over, however it helps kids and adults understand how to use punctuation correctly. Before you begin to write a piece make sure you understand how to use punctuation, because this can make or break an article. So just watch some classic schoolhouse rock videos, so that you are prepared.

-Stay active- Don't become that utterly dull writer that used to be fun and creative, by thinking if you use big fancy words more people will like you. You need to appeal to the greater majority of people.

Do you know how many people drop out of high school every year? Every year 1.2 million students drop out that's 7,000 students everyday and 1 student every 26 seconds. So it should not surprise you that when you use big words the majority of people don't understand you. This does not mean write like your in Elementary School. Write what comes from your heart and don't go back and change your words to make yourself sound smarter.

Incorrect: I was about to alloquy Paul about his addiction, but I'm farouche so I got nervous and backed out of our confrontation,

Correct: i was about to address Paul about his addiction, but I'm timid so I got nervous and backed out of our confrontation.

Notice how you can understand the second sentence way better. Even though alloquy and farouche are real words, no one wants to read an article with those words. The reason behind no one wanting to read them is because we don't understand them, we don't want to google words in an article just to understand what the writer is trying to say. So just don't do it! Don't use these words and become dull, write from the heart and keep your piece alive and wonderful.


Writing a Blog

-Relate to others- As I vaguely said in the last segment don't write super complex Hubs. No complex words that you have to google, and no sentences that can be misunderstood. Aside from that here are some tips on how to relate when your bad at doing just that. Get the inside view, even if that means more work for you as a writer. Get a patients view on their diagnoses. Get a teenager/child's view on parenting techniques. These might sound crazy but that's what makes you an interesting writer it makes you original. Once you get regular readers hold a poll where you can ask your audience what needs to be changed. Encourage them to harshly criticize you, and the most important part of this that no one understands is don't get mad about it use it to improve yourself.

-Include images- Images are almost as important as the content. They will bring your piece together and make it more lively. They can also draw a readers attention when your thumbnail to your link has an image. We as humans are draw to pictures, our eyes are drawn to it.

-Connect with your audience- Respond to the comments that need responding to. Thank your viewers for reading. Ask about their views on the point you covered. Make it seem like you are their friend.


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    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 19 months ago from Ruskin Florida

      Great! I'm so tired of mentally tripping over such "poor grammar" in the hubs written by some people. With myself, I find that when I am editing my works and see these same errors, it is because I have rushed to get my words down on paper, so to speak. Most people, like myself need to take the time to read and edit their writings before they release it to the public.

      Good Read,