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"Before the portal of death"

Updated on February 9, 2020

In some room of a hospital, of those who attend emergencies, as well as receive minor ills, accident or pain, caused by their own neglect and imprudence. I am here! Between plaintive moans, grimaces of pain, smells combined between blood and formalin; patient complaints, impatient does not diminish their condition, dissatisfied with the precarious treatment due to lack of equipment and tools in addition to human personnel to attend to so many; Everything is frustration.

Before all the mitigating ones, here I am!

Presenting the battle and defying death that shows its face between the bridge of delirium and pain which is not seen, but felt; a terrifying chill… selecting your clients, whom you want to transport to your decadent world, not mattering so much gender, condition or age; It is not demanding to take anyone does not care.

The alarms are heard, in the beech bed behind, the relatives demand that I do something please that this child convulses, that he cannot breathe! It is not time, nor form; I lend myself to react! Not in my turn or joke! That you will take it, and sooner than it is so fast from your mantle I will tear this soul out of life, I ignore your rumor

It's mine! "Not this time not", a breath ... still breathing; the heat comes again, the clamor is heard "alive" we have triumphed again, and the shadow withdraws and does not look back, goes and seeks another life, it leaves alone; It is not the time and your departure has to be postponed.

Dedicated to those hospital heroes: Doctors, nurses, stretchers

Misunderstood, pressured, and sometimes criticized heroes even misjudged with labels of "insensitive" to the pain of others and "inhuman" that are placed by people blinded by the wrong feeling of anxiety, discomfort and frustration to see that his family (patient) He is suffering and has the expense of aggravating or aggravating his condition; and attacks with demands that they receive immediate attention as if they were the cause that the patient has reached them in that state.

Even in adverse circumstances, without equipment or tools, they carry out their work and manage to take forward multiple and diverse characters, giving them another opportunity to continue their life and although there are occasions that do not achieve their goal; do not decline in their constant struggle, it is true you can not allow moments of weakness or sentimentality since it could cloud your objectivity and serenity to perform your tasks.

And with all due respect I give an effusive applause and I dedicate these letters in gratitude for their effort and dedication.

In the stormy moments they offer calm;

In the dark spaces they are light;

The divine being who guides his hands exactly is great.

Doctors, nurses, and stretchers.


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