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Beginning A Lead Story Part 2

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!


As stated in the previous article, creating a lead story for a series should spike the readers' interest. In the first segment, the example story introduces several different characters. The main character is Mia Lindstrom, an attractive young woman from a wealthy Swedish/American family living in Hong Kong. Although Mia has more advantages than most young ladies her age, she longs for adventure.

Mia's older sister Muff shares her mother's plainer looks and is totally satisfied with being pampered by her indulgent father, Thad Lindstrom. Thad is a successful businessman who because of his extraordinary good looks caught the eye of a socialite and married her. His best friend, Frank Gillespie always teases him because of this fact.

Frank Gillespie is also a successful businessman whose chief interest is in advertising and agrees to hire Mia as his assistant. Although Mrs. Lindstrom and Muff are firmly against Mia leaving home to accompany Frank to the United States, Thad is confident that his headstrong daughter will be a welcomed asset to Frank's firm. Little does Thad Lindstrom know that his daughter's desire for adventure will have interesting consequences.

Muff inherited her mother’s disposition.
Muff inherited her mother’s disposition.

Let us continue ...

Mia spends the remaining time with Muff choosing what type of wardrobe she will need and how to present herself to the American business community. Although Muff is a bit intimidated by Mia’s good looks; she loves her sister dearly and wants happiness for her. Muff is also a great fashion coordinator and knows more about what clothes flatter the figure than Mia does. However, Mia is a fast learner.

“I hope I will be able to count on you, when I need a shoulder, Muff?” Mia asks.

“You know you can always count on me, Mia. I may not have your good looks, but I’ve got a good head on my shoulders too.” And Muff gives Mia a sisterly hug.

“Oh you are such a muffin!” Mia says hugging her back.

In the beginning, it is loads of fun. Washington State is a beautiful place especially in the fall. Frank is like a second father to Mia and whenever he has to go to Vancouver on business, he always insists on Mia accompanying him. Being educated abroad she is fluent in French, Spanish, Swedish and a few other languages. Besides, the various clients are simply captivated by Mia’s beauty and several of the older men want to take her out. When the younger men find out that she is the daughter of Thad Lindstrom, they pump her for the secret behind his success.

It is while Frank and Mia are away touring Canada that his executives begin siphoning confidential information from Frank’s computer files and filtering it into private ventures of their own thus selling that data to his competitors. It doesn’t take long before much of Frank’s campaign strategies are in the hands of others. Frank would have suffered irreversible loss had he not had the foresight to store some of his most outstanding campaigns on virtual drives in cyberspace.

Frank’s Canadian alliances are strong and with their assistance, he is able to redeem himself from the betrayal of his executives and stifle the constant onslaught of information being leaked to the California competitors. Frank has to work day and night to recapture his pedestal in Seattle and Mia proves to be an invaluable ally.

Following civil hearings, Frank’s executives are given heavy fines with options of resigning without any type of retribution or facing criminal charges. Although Mia enjoys the fast pace of the advertising business; she is ready for a different adventure. However, she is not sure as to what form this adventure will take.

Frank’s business reopens as Gillespie, Warner and Schuster. The success that Frank first witnessed in Seattle is now unparalleled to his reorganization status. Frank and Mia begin to work more overtime hours as well as weekends due to the early onslaught of clients worldwide. As soon as things begin to settle down; Mia again feels the urge to uproot.

A winning combination ...
A winning combination ...

The Start of What ...

“Mia, I promised you that things would calm down and they have. You and I have worked very hard these past four years and now I have a great staff and some talented marketers. In the advertising business, you have to ‘strike while the iron is hot.’ And I am doing just that. I would have not been able to do it without your help. Don’t bail out on me now, I still need you.” Frank pleads.

“Frank, I have really enjoyed every minute of working here with you. Not only did you take me under your wing and show me all the ropes of advertising; but you have give me first hand exposure of how to handle corrupt personnel. It’s been fun, but now the romance is over.” Mia says firmly.

“You sound just like Thad Lindstrom!” Frank says smiling.

“I am his daughter. And like him, I know when to pack up my toys and go home.” Mia smiles.

“Do you mean to tell me you are going back to Hong Kong?” Frank asks in surprise.

“No, but I am leaving Seattle, Uncle Frank.” Mia says. “The game’s up.”

“I know but just give me time …” Frank begins.

“No, Frank I am leaving. My cousin Stephanie has told me about an architect firm that is really doing well in a little place in Bridgeport, NH.” Mia says.

“I’ve never heard of it.” Frank says flatly.

“Neither have I, but Stephanie says that there’s a really good looking unattached young man there whose father is part-owner of the company. The Bridgeport Alliance is growing by leaps. I’m tired of the advertising business. I’m sorry, but I am going.” Mia says firmly.

“Ok, I’m not happy but I understand. Mia, you have been terrific. In spite of your limited business experience, you have managed to do a super job for me. I am going to write you a fantastic recommendation!” Frank smiles at Mia.

“Thanks, Frank I appreciate that. You know, like Muff I still love the finer things in life but there’s something special about making it yourself. My father didn’t achieve instant success and neither will I. When he met my mom in American he was just another struggling immigrant. But he was educated, talented and had a dream.”

“Being extraordinarily good looking and marrying a rich plain Jane socialite didn’t hurt him either!” Frank throws in for good measure.

“As I said before, he had a dream of making it and he did. And, yes it’s true that he married a fat bank account. So what’s wrong with that? With any luck I’d like to marry and have my own little pot of gold.” Mia laughs and Frank joins her.

“You are a girl after my own heart!” He mused.

And what happens next is another story. (smile)

© 2017 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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