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Behind the Scenes of a Novel- Day 11

Updated on September 12, 2012



No I'm Not in Vegas

I do however feel like I've hit the jackpot. I had to get from an awkward romantic moment to the business at hand...remodeling this old house. It didn't take as long as I'd thought it would. My characters cooperated and we got through the moment and dinner so we could move on to the work needing to be done. Score.

We also had a scene where more of Dani's secret mission is explained. Does Brad become involved? Of course, how else can he be a knight in shining armor. Albeit a reluctant one. He then sees there are other things he must do in the area they are renovating. He sends Dani off so he can get to work and let his thoughts run amuck. And they will run amuck. This man is kicking himself because he let Dani go when he was young and foolish. Now he has to try to figure out how to win her back. The fact she is responding to him, make him hopeful there might be something to build on.

I have finished the elusive chapter four. I am ready to start the next chapter. I suspect it will start with Brad working and his mind wandering. Gives me much to think about before I dive in tomorrow.

While Dani has been dismissed so Brad can work, she too has a mind that wanders. She is questioning whether or not she and Brad have a future outside her new enterprise. She has loved him for so long, but he walked away from her once, would he do it again? There is much for her to think about.

She also needs to touch base with her long time friend Macy. It might be good for them to get together and discuss the men in their lives and how to deal with them. Girl talk is always good. You can see someone else's issues and give them a new or different perspective. I see a lot happening in chapter five leading into chapter six.

Tomorrow should be a good day for writing. I have no planned interruptions in the afternoon. My morning is booked, but I'm free of commitments after lunch. I like when days come together. I am geeked to be back at this. The two day hiatus has been a good thing.

I can see where the next couple of chapters are headed, they are moving my plot forward. They are bringing in Macy and they are giving me the right amount of tension to make it interesting. The possibilities for misunderstanding and mixed signals is there, too. When your work starts coming together early it's a good sign. Your characters are going to step up and do their parts any time now.

When my characters start writing the story, it gets a little dicey. They can go the way you intend them to go or they can throw a ringer at you. Sometimes the unexpected ringer works, other times you find yourself arguing with your characters about why it cannot possibly work. Sometimes their ideas add a dimension to the story you had overlooked.

Whatever your muse puts in front of you today, run with it. See where it takes you.


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