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Behind the Scenes of a Novel-Day 18

Updated on September 22, 2012

Flowers Say Romance

yellow roses
yellow roses

How Many Ways Can You Create Romance?

Flowers come in second to chocolate. Dani loves yellow roses and lily of the valley. Brad has shown up with flowers, sent flowers, and brought her a corsage of flowers. He knows her favorite flowers so never misses when he brings them.

When Brad and Dani join Eli and Macy for dinner, they end up dancing in the garden. They are surrounded by the scent of flowers. Violins play softly from an unseen place. While Macy and Eli have done this before, Brad and Dani have not. It is especially romantic for them. They have not danced together since Brad's senior prom.

It's a great way to create a romantic setting. Many romance writers use gardens as meeting places for errant lovers or young couples falling in love. It works equally as well in modern mystery containing romantic scenes.


Lava cake
Lava cake

Continuing the Romance

Eli has romance on his mind whenever taking Macy out to dinner. So having a molten lava cake for each of them for dessert should not surprise anyone. Chocolate a sure way to a woman's heart. Since Brad had romance in mind the cake does not hurt his evening either.

The two couples enjoy their desserts and then part ways. Brad and Dani have some discussion of whether Macy will hinder Dani's secret project. Dani believes Macy will assist her. Brad goes into worry mode. He sees danger in Dani's future. Is he right?

Macy and Eli will also have a conversation about Brad and Dani. Later the two women will make arrangements to meet for lunch and catch up with each other. They will discuss the men in their lives and talk about their relationships with them. Macy will see Dani's differently than Dani does. Dani will see Macy's differently than Macy does. It will give them new insights. How they will act on those insights will drive the way the relationship goes.


The players in your story
The players in your story

Letting Your Characters Take Over

Eventually my characters will take over my novel. They will direct where things are going and how they react to different things. This is inevitable. I've learned in writing, characters think they know better than I do where the story should go.

Sometimes when this happens it's a good thing. Other times, they make me crazy and I have to explain to them why certain things cannot happen. Sometimes the timing is off, other times it's because it is so out of character it cannot happen at all. Knowing the difference can make or break a novel. It can also make the writer crazy.

Yes, characters develop a mind of their own. Dani, while being a free spirit, is determined to make the world better for others. Her method might be questionable but her heart is in the right place. Macy, who fights for justice, has personal hang-ups which get in the way of her relationships. Can she overcome them? Will she and Dani make a team? Will they be at odds?

All of this plays into how my story will develop. It plays into the twists and turns it will take. Ultimately it plays into how the book will end and what will happen in the next book.

So argue with your characters. Get to know them well. Listen to what they have to say, some of it is worthwhile. If your friends think you're crazy, just laugh and tell them it's okay once you and your characters agree you can go back to being normal. :)


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