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Behind the Scenes of a Novel-Day 8

Updated on September 9, 2012

Dream Time

What I will be doing early
What I will be doing early

When an Idea Takes Hold

I have been up all night. I did some editing on the first chapter of my book so I could send it to my publisher. Somewhere in the night I figured out I am writing the third book in my series. It will give my readers a different look at Macy as this one does not feature her as the lead character, but a major secondary player in this story.

This one is not written in first person so there will be multiple points of view. My main characters will show us different dimensions to Macy, by the way they interact with her and the history they have with her.

Say what?? Macy has a past we don't know about? Well of course she does. She was a kid, went to high school and college, met people, dated, and a ton of other things. None of which has figured into the first two books. So, we will see how she fares in this one when some of these things are revealed.

It's wonderful when you can see a main character from someone else's perspective. My current main character met Macy in college. They shared some awesome times and they shared a tragedy that forever binds them to each other and is the main premise for the current book.

I am excited. I polished up the first chapter and sent it to my publisher. She'll need it for the end of the next book. As a teaser for all my readers. Those readers who are currently complaining because they have to wait until the end of November for the second book. Well, I have news for them. Book three will not appear before 2013. Then book four will need to be written. Maybe ready for late 2013 we'll see, I am not to where I'm looking at release dates for either books three or four.

Currently I am fired up. I see this novel branching out into several short stories for ebook and eventually an anthology of all of them. See what happens when my brain is starved of sleep??? I get all kinds of creative juices flowing.

Yes, I follow through on all these ideas. It's what keeps me writing. I am happiest when I have several things going on. I can move from one to the other and never get bored. I am also working on putting my earlier self-published books on ebook for all my ebook readers. When they were published, ebooks we so new no one was buying them. Now it's a different story. I am working my way through ebook formatting and extra edit to make sure these books are also up to my current standards.

I foresee lots of writing happening this winter. It's a good thing I can find solitude peaceful. I will probably spend the first week much as I did last year, listening to the ocean and writing. The short story which is the basis for the novel I'm working on was written in my first couple of days on the island. Where I stay is close enough to hear the ocean 24/7 which is fine by me. I leave my walking on the beach to the afternoon unless I choose to go photograph a sunrise. I'm much more partial to sunsets.

In the meantime, I'm leaving you to go work on this novel while I am still in a state of enthusiam and excitement.


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