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Behind the Strange Door

Updated on February 9, 2015

Was it really only yesterday?

Was it really only yesterday when I, Dave Templar was told the company would be folding and they would be firing someone. I was a trader on Wall Street and worked for big financial broker Mega Commodities Incorporated.

They made some terrible business decisions at management level and lost Billions of Dollars. And like a lot of management they wanted scapegoats.

I was on only the first rung of the ladder in this doomed enterprise. To my horror I was accused of making dodgy investments putting the company in jeopardy. I objected furiously to this insinuation and explained to the management investigative committee I had no involvement and that all my investments were sound and profitable.

However, trumped up charges were made against me. Somebody managed to forge my signature onto a document giving the go ahead for the purchase of oil, iron ore and copper which as of 5 days ago collapsed in value effectively putting me in the firing line. I threatened legal action. However, it didn’t stop them suspending me for 3 months.

It was the worst day of my life. I was facing at the very least a ruined career and at worst financially crippling legal proceedings. My life had finally reached the bottom of a DUMPSTER .

After hitting the bottle heavy at my apartment and downing my second bottle of Jack Daniels I passed out and had the weirdest dream.

In my dream I was looking at this strange building where a door was of shortened height and was not at ground level but two stories up. It was accessible via a stepladder accessing a balcony. Behind the door appeared to be boarded up and looked like pretty much going nowhere.

Suddenly a man in white opens the door from within and calls out to me. “David, come on up. I have important things to tell you.”

I climbed up the ladder and went through the door only to find myself looking into another world of constellations. Countless billions of stars rushed towards and away from me. The man in white appeared and beckoned me over to him what looked like ten feet in front of me.

I started floating over and as soon as I arrived the constellations vanished and I was in a room sitting on an easy chair. The man in white sitting opposite began to speak. “David. The answer is I Sin Nine 2 Five” And before I could say What? He vanished. Never got to ask him his name.

I woke up in my apartment with the most evil headache and nausea. I ran to the toilet and puked my guts up. Took aspirin for the pounding headache from the hangover. Eventually the headache eased and the dream and what was said came to mind. “I Sin Nine 2 Five” Was this a warning about my wicked ways in life!

I wrote down the message and over the next few days while watching the news a major international company got done for securities fraud. By tracking their securities number they were exposed. Then I had an epiphany

ISIN 925

That was the international securities number for Mega Commodities Incorporated. And there it was on TV. The FBI had been investigating it for serious fraud and insider trading. All management had been arrested.

I was vindicated and my good name restored.

The End. Ω


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    • King Of Fantasia profile imageAUTHOR

      King Of Fantasia 

      3 years ago from Ireland

      Thank you billybuc. Your comment has raised my confidence in writing.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I am continually surprised and delighted by the creativity shown by all of my writer friends. Well done! I happen to be a sucker for a happy ending, and you provided one when needed.

      Thank you for taking part in the challenge. I have another one coming soon.


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