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Being Dead

Updated on November 22, 2009

 This is a short little story I wrote a bit back. I hope you all enjoy it.


You know it if rather funny how big a deal I made about death now that I am actually dead. Quite a lot of time was wasted on that really. Not that I regret my worries but in hinesight less time could have been wasted on them.

                Well I died as one can guess and this is what happened to me after I died, but first lets go back to when I was alive. When alive I just drifted through life, I worked a dead end job for a crappy boss, until I was 24.

                That is when I made the mistake of walking out into a none busy street and got hit by a car and died. No time to worry, to contemplate, to even think. Just bammo and I am here, with you tell you this story.

                Well not being an expert on how to be dead and just not wanting to head into some light I stayed here on the earth. A rather nice decision and I went back to inhabiting my old home. First thing that will surprise you when your dead is just how many different and many deadish things there are walking around.

                Just on the way back to my house or before I was back as I don’t quite know how I got here. I am still working on that, I saw what I thought to be a demon, turned out just a dark colored human soul, then I saw again what I thought to be a demon and offended something that wasn’t a demon but didn’t quite stick around long enough after my insultation to be asked what it was. Then there was 10 humans, and a various other things.

                I didn’t know the dead world was so populated or scary. Twice so far I have been tried to forced into doing what something else wanted me to do. These were, well negative dead things. Spirits I think is what people call them.

                After quite a bit of trouble I finally got back here. Which I was greeted by some little rather hyper glowing ball, I have no idea what it is but there are more of them, some hyper and some rather dark, around the house.

                Thinking back my sister who claimed to be psychic claimed that I gave off a lot of energy and these feel familiar so maybe they came from me or something. I don’t really know but I do know they are quite obedient especially when told to leave me alone.

                Anyway I found a cozy place to bunker down in the house and now know why ghosts in those shows like closets so much. They are extremely comfortable and small, which means I have to exert less energy in my space.

                Now I just wonder around and occasionally unintentionally scare the new owner’s wife. Not my fault, it isn’t like I am trying to be scary. Though they brought with them a rather scary thing into the house. It is mean, rude, and very commanding.

                Me and my little glowing friends are going to jump him next time he comes near my closet or room. That will teach him that it isn’t bossing us around.

                Well that is what it is like being dead. There are a lot of things beyond life and some are rather mean. Closets are comfortable to inhabit and mean things tend to be bossy. Also people who are scared of you tend to hire psychics who don’t understand or listen to a word we say and make a lot of things up. Like that I am a female entity and am quite angry about something. There is no one else here that fits that description and I am pretty sure there is only one dead plain thing so I believe she is a liar.

The End


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