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Being a Content Writer Isn't Always Easy

Updated on February 17, 2013

A Paulite writing for Mitt Romney :(

Content writer's can't pick and choose your jobs especially when you are first start writing. Below is an article I had to write praising Mitt Romney's campaign. I couldn't help but mention Ron Paul.

Ben Bernanke and the federal reserve recently announced another round of quantitative easing, or QE3 at 12:30 p.m. For those of you who don't know, quantitative easing is when the United States Federal reserve lowers interests rates by essentially printing money. They have been doing this for years and have effectively devalued the American dollar over 96% since its founding in 1913.

Especially since the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) the Fed has come under a huge amount of scrutiny. Trillions of dollars allegedly went to banks, both foreign and domestic. These "bailouts" as they have come to be called, essentially help wipe out the middle calls of the United States while lining the pockets of many Wall Street CEO. I would argue, along with some of the world's best economists I might add, that these bailouts simply kept toxic assets afloat, while bailing out people who committed fraud and sticking the American people with the bill.

Congressman Ron Paul, a republican from Texas and former presidential nominee has been leading the fight against the Fed for the last 30 years. His recent bill, Audit the Fed H.R. 459 passed the house with flying colors. It is likely to ie in the senate however, as a Democrat majority will deny the Fed to divulge and of its secrets.

An in this way a nonpartisan issues becomes partisan. Democrats and president Obama do not want to hamper the Fed's ability to print money willy nilly. They want to be able to keep artificially keep interested rates low so that the unemployment will temporarily go down and we can continue this illusion of economic growth in the United States.

This leads me to my next point. What does the GOP candidate Mitt Romney, who has been criticize for being in bed with Wall Street, have to say about the Bill, “Ron Paul’s 'Audit The Fed' bill is a reminder of his tireless efforts to promote sound money and a more transparent Federal Reserve.” Romney tweeted that comment on July 19. Since that Time Romney

It seems that the GOP has finally warmed up to the idea of deregulated the Fed's power, and thus letting the marketplace work out financial crisis'. If Romney is elected, he is likely to follow through with adding total transparency to the Fed this means not more big bailouts to banks and corporations, no more inflation tax, and no more handouts to broker European governments. It seems that Romney Understands that the best "regulator" of the U.S. housing, banking etc. markets is the market itself. No more corrupt bureaucrats working in secrecy, just good old supply and demand working at its best.

Maybe If He Would Have Thrown Paul a Bone, Romney would Have Won.


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