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Being a but crack

Updated on November 9, 2015


These type of people are an all too familiar part of life.they're very funny to look at,but as I found working with them ain't so much fun.

Trying times by a man who infuriates.

Being a but crack

I once knew a guy,who was stupid beyond belief
He got caught one night,on his career as a thief
He tried to steal a JCB
His stupidity was clear to see.
He got took to court,he had a vacant expression
He tried to deny after giving a confession.
He was the definition,of a total but crack
His inanely stupid actions,total whack.
He was destined, to be a vessel for all
His IQ was less than average,his brain was so small.
If a dumb errand was due,he was fired in
He never hesitated,it was almost a sin.
In and out of jail all his life,
Never a day without some sort of strife.
The worrying thing is,he now has a kid
Maybe he can teach his son,how his life can be a win.
Not follow his Daddy,down a road of crime
It's about time he broke the cycle,surely it's time.
Maybe he will shock,all people who doubt
His terminal stupidity,mentality of a trout.

Crazy Guy.

Intense,and stupid.

When I had the adventure to work with these people,they could at times be borderline dangerous.i found myself forever covering his tracks and mistakes,as I didn't want to drop the guy in it.One time when I trained as a butcher,myself and a work colleague were bored.we decided to have a sword fight with two meat cutting machetes.Extremely dangerous and stupid,it very nearly cost us our jobs for our negligence. The things we do when we are bored.

Mad Man.

Easy to identify.

You can see these people a mile away.they tend to have quite a vacant expression,once you spot that it's time to disappear before you boss asks you to train the guy.They tend not to be the sharpest tools in the box,they are not the type of person you would trust with a paper towel as they would probably do some damage to themselves.

Attention to detail.

This phrase is as alien to these people as walking on the moon is for most of us.they just plod on in life and seem to want to see the finishing clock everyday more than anything.They generally do as little as possible in work,you or some other colleague end up picking up the slack.they never seem to get in trouble,but the minute your late by a second or something else,you get lambasted for it. These people tend to cruise through life with no apparent goals to attain.

Makes you crazy.

Be truthfull

I regret in jobs always backing guys like this,more often than not you end up doing two jobs every day as your correcting their mistakes .better to put them in their place,better in the ling run for your sanity.

Catch the bosses eye.

If your at all uncertain what to do and how to deal with these people.encourage your gaffer to watch you while you work.if the guy is making constant mistakes,you won't need to do a thing,your boss will do the work for you.Even worse,if what they are doing is classed as dangerous,demand your boss watches him for a while,it will be worth it in the end up.

Brain damage

Ive had the misfortune to have worked with at least one halfwit in every place ive worked.i think I just seem to attract nutters.after a while it does feel like brain damage explaining how to do something constantly and you know it's not registering.

Dangerous DIY .

What do you do if the person is dangerous?

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