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Being let down

Updated on November 9, 2015


arguably this situation gives rise to emotional upheaval more than most.i can say from experience there's nothing worse than the feeling of being betrayed.its gut wrenching and heartbreaking all at the same time.

the worst one is being let down by family,in my opinion this is worse than being betrayed by a friend.

Being let down.

Being let down,is a current theme
Everyone I know,crashing my dream.
Tried to please everyone,they're never happy
So immature ,you'll never feel happy
Lies,betrayal,sell you down the stream
crushing everything,even your private dream.
I canny win,I try my best
Doesn't help my state,I should stuff the rest
Do my own thing,and be true to me
Maybe things will be different,just wait to see.
Being torn between two friends
making you sad,wrong message it sends
Pulling one way,then another
I honestly don't know why I bother.
Can't do right for doing wrong
Seems to be a familiar song.
From now on,baby steps for my own sanity
Not pleasing everyone for their own vanity.

if I get a chance,I will pursue my dreams

only thing I can do,or so it seems.


Hard to forgive.

over the years I've been let down badly a few times,after a while I got over it.the hardest thing I found to do was to try forgive this person,that was probably harder to deal with than the betrayal itself.

Even out.

trying to get over this action is hard.i tried to think of it on a different level.instead of mulling over it again and again in my head,I tried to use the logical side to the argument.thinking realistically it's not the end of the world what's happened,it's not like a death has helped me immensely to use this process.

Happy rather than misery.

rather be happy,than all day sad

think logically,or it will drive you mad.

people say things to hurt at the core

even though the comments are sore.

take deep breaths,don't give in to hate

try to forgive,might lose a good mate.

harmony,laughter is better than stress

abide by these trials,or life can be a mess.

Twisted people.

some people live to mix it for all

hoping one day the watch them fall

only happy when the see someone cry

hard as they can,desperate to try.

evil intentions,causing all to fret

enjoying the chaos,on this I would bet.

no life of their own,no one to care

plotting your downfall,intention to scare.

Driving you to distraction.

friends,family,people you know

drive you mental,like some sick show.

constantly arguing,battles at dawn

try your inner smile,or they'll all be gone.

deep breaths,logic,sit out at the side

close your eyes momentarily,take it in your stride.

not as hard as you may think to do

ignore the madness,try not feeling so blue.

Just deserts

one time ,not so long ago ,one of these people told so many lies they eventually tripped themselves up.all they succeeded in doing was systematically alienating the whole street against them.hope it was worth it.

Worlds full.

the world sadly has more than it's fair share of people wishing harm on's a sad statistic to behold.people online who's loved ones have passed being tormented by these sadistic animals getting some sort of sick pleasure from makes you think.


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