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Being the Alpha

Updated on July 19, 2017

Being the alpha is something to be proud of

It can be a proof that you are tough

But being an alpha also comes with responsibility

Don’t take advantage of people who don’t possess the same ability

Being the alpha means you are capable of things

But don’t mess with somebody else’s feelings

Be an alpha who is respected by other people

It is not cool to be feared because you are able

If you are powerful enough to protect the weak

Do so and you will find what you seek

A contentment that their gratitude will make you feel

The fact that you help is enough to make you happy for real

Most of the time men seek power

People wants to be above one another

An advantage against the rest is what most people desires

Going many places, travelling even how many miles

But what people don’t see is the responsibility

That the strong possess to protect the many

Amazing abilities should be used for good cause

Using it for evil deeds will be a huge loss

There are chosen people who used their abilities right

Those people who are good and upright

The people who don’t think twice on using their abilities

For good cause and not only for the things they please

To wherever we belong, to the weak or the strong

Make the right decisions in this journey so long

Don’t you dare make fun of the weak

Don’t even try some of your dirty trick


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