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Believe in Santa

Updated on May 16, 2010

A Christmas Eve to Remember

I remember one specific year, I was twelve years old, and I had just heard from my friends that Santa wasn't real. (I know a little old, but I have a wide imagination.) So of course I told my younger sister, who was eleven at the time, and there was chaos in our household. Tears were falling, questions were being asked. My poor mom didn't know what to do. Then she thought of a brilliant idea. She decided to get us in the spirit by getting us to bake cookies for Santa, and make snacks for the reindeer. So we went online and found some reindeer snacks (celery with peanut butter and raisins) and on Christmas eve we made them. I must mention right now that on Christmas eve, when I went to bed, there was no snow on the ground at all. When we woke up in the morning there was six inches of snow, which is a lot for the location we were at. Not only was there six inches of snow on the ground and on the dormers outside our windows, but there were reindeer tracks on the dormers and on the ground! We were so happy, and our faith was returned. Now I look back and realize that my mom made a huge effort that year to help us believe. For that, I thank her, for she has taught me a valuable lesson. Now if my kids start to not believe in Santa and I think it's too early, I know what to do!

Helping to Believe


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    • Robz105 profile image

      Robyn Hartling 7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I watched Dog the Bounty Hunter the other day, and he had a BRILLIANT idea to get his son to believe. He gave his son a mugshot of Santa and got him to chase Santa down, and in the end he caught him, and believed in him once again. I thought that was the most heartwarming thing I've seen on TV in a long time.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific feeling great write thanks

    • kkbunnylover profile image

      kkbunnylover 7 years ago

      very nice and sweet (comment on me- and you welcome to follow me)) please