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Belly laugh!

Updated on July 29, 2015

Soft wind blows and whistle from nowhere
Kisses my face and plays with my hair
As I walk, the sound of my footsteps brings a beat
I smiled as I hum to the tune of my happy feet

I stopped waiting to cross the street
Looking at the colors and designs of cars that engineers tweak
Here comes Mitsubishi, Toyota and Suzuki honking
I enjoyed watching them pass by without blinking

I see the next car coming, oh! I'm filled with excitement!
Here comes a cute Mini Cooper for my entertainment!
As I cross the stripes of pedestrian section
I dreamed of the time I will have my own expedition

Inside the elevator, people squeeze in to fit
I want to laugh because a girl is almost kissing my cheeks
All we can hear is the whirring sound of cables and controlled breathing
This is torture! I want to laugh, I don't know why I find the situation amusing!

I laughed so hard as I get off the lift
It's fun to laugh at life's humor rather than being stiff
I started my work with a smile
Finding humor instead of stress is a good habit, give it a try!

A cheerful heart is good medicine
That's a bible verse, isn't it something?
God laughs with you out of pure joy! C'mon, be Merry!
Smile, dance to the tune of life's mystery!



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    • IreneTabangay profile image

      IreneTabangay 22 months ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thank you!

    • profile image

       23 months ago

      You should share this creativity of yours to the world, your creative mind and choice of words might change another's perspective of life.