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Ben and Gloria

Updated on March 7, 2016

One thing about life is that sometimes we don't know what we have until we loose it although many a time, most of us tend to have many chances in life.However, it is important for us to know when luck come calling.

I met them some ten years back and to me they were the best of the best, the most wonderful and caring couples i have ever met, Infact, i envied them and liked everything about them. Gloria as she is called is an exceptional lady who finds pleasure in helping others and Ben in the other hand remains a perfect gentleman.

Everything was going on well for them, they have everything every couple would ever dream of but like the saying goes, it is not always perfect. When you see Ben and Gloria, you will see nothing but happiness but it is not always what we think or what we see because so many people smile not because they are happy rather to hide their sadness.

This wonderful couple remains an epicenter of blessing but of everything they have, one special thing was missing. A child. They were certified medically fit and traveled far a wide in search of the fruit of the womb for Gloria and her inability to conceive makes her unhappy although she pretends that everything was alright.

Ben tried to be supportive but Gloria nursed a sense of insecurity which she confidently open up to me. All she wants in life was to give Ben a child, just one she cried. She believed that Ben might go out and look else where because he is human and if not for anything, every man wants someone who will carry on his name.

I could still remember walking into their house sometime in 2012, it was a quiet morning and i came to deliver a pack which i brought from oversea, the maid walked me in and as i got to the living room, i saw Gloria vibrating, i couldn't hear a word from her but she was simply in the spirit, she was shaking and i felt this sensation of cold all over me as i watched her lips move vibrantly.

What came to my mind was the story of Hanna, i sat down and began to imagine what actually transpired between Eli and Hanna, was she praying like Gloria because honestly, one would easily mistake Gloria for being drunk with the way she was moving and shaking but she was simply crying out to God, the omnipotent and omniscient.

She opened her eyes with tears slipping out and saw me, then greeted me, i was moved and all i did was to get up and hugged her then whispered this into her ears..."He heard you and have answered you". I didn't know what prompted me to tell her that but if prayers are truly said to him and if he listens and if he does what we ask, if we seek and surely finds then something inside me told me that Gloria's prayer got to him.


...If you are still doubting God then this is time for you to start believing because he did it for Gloria, he heard her and like the saying goes, there is time for everything and when he say YES no one can say no. It's been a promising and wonderful journey for Ben and Gloria, those who mocked her have now realized that the final say is from him because Obiajulu just turned three years and guess what, another bundle of joy is on the way.


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