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Beowulf - The Summary of Great Anglo Saxon epic.

Updated on April 25, 2017

Beowulf - The Great Anglo Saxon epic

Beowulf is one of the greatest epics of the world. It is an ancient English epic poem written in eighth century AD by an anonymous author, and has more than three thousand lines. The epic follows the Scandinavian legend of Beowulf, a warrior- hero, who had defeated Demons and Dragons. The imprint of English spirit is vivid in the language and literary style of the great epic.


Grendel's Attack

Danes were under the continuous attack of a terrible monster, Grendel, for a long time. Horthgar, the king of Danes, who had constructed a great hall, became helpless before the giant monster which had been killing a large number of people.

Beowulf, a great warrior hero of the Geats in Scandinavia, who lived with his uncle, King Hygelic, came to know about this monster and decides to help Horthgar.Beowulf with his fourteen warriors came to the kingdom of Danes and requested the king to allow him to face the monster. The king allowed him for it. Beowulf and friends waited for the arrival the evil creature in the night eagerly.

In the night, Grendel came to the hall where Beowulf and his friends. But this time it had to confront with the great warrior and his friends. A terrible battle took place. Finally, he was able to defeat the monster which fled to its shelter where it fell dead.

Horthgur and the people of his kingdom rejoiced in the death of the Grendel. The king gave precious gifts to Beowulf. The kingdom filled with mirth and celebration.

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Grendel's Mother's Attack

But the struggle was not over. Grendel's mother decided to take vengeance for the murder of his son. She came to attack the king and the people. It captured one of king's noble and took him to its hiding place. Beowulf pursued it to the bottom of her fen-pool and killed it in a prolonged fiery fight.

Gold Hoard Attack

The second part of the epic deals with Beowulf fight with the Dragon of the Gold Hoard. Beowulf became the King of Geats. Though he was aged at that time, he killed it. But he got a mortal hurt in the fight and succumbs to it.

Main Characters

Beowulf, Hygelac, Hrothgar, Wealhtheow, Hrothulf, Æschere, Unferth, Grendel, Grendel's mother, Wiglaf, Hildeburh.

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