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Best Hanukkah Books For Children

Updated on November 15, 2007

Holidays provide great reasons to introduce new books to your child. For the kid who hasn't shown much interest in books or reading, the themes of Hanukkah may be enough to lure him to the page. It's easy to stock up on Hanukkah books online or at your local big box store, but don't forget about the library. Nothing beats free! Check out these books for different age levels to find something that will speak to your child.

Picture Books

Doors to a child's imagination can open up in the pages of a picture book. Some kids will get lost for hours in gorgeous illustrations regardless of the story. It's so fun to let kids make up their own tales based on beautiful pictures. And good pictures can foster a desire for books that later grows into a love of reading and learning. If you find a picture book your child loves, consider buying an extra copy to take apart. Mount the pictures in inexpensive frames and create a children's bedroom theme around them.

Chapter Books

There are few prouder moments than when your child comes home and announces he's reading a chapter book! This is a huge milestone for kids. They've transitioned out of baby books and they're ready for a real challenge. Keep them enthused about their new skills with seasonal favorites that help to cement advanced reading habits.

Easy Readers

First reader books are wonderful for building your child's confidence in his reading ability. We're so lucky today to have such a variety of books and topics for teaching kids to read. We've come a long way from See Spot Run! Get kids excited to read to you with books about silly ghosts, fun costumes, or adventures of their favorite literary, television, or movie characters.

For Older Children

As kids get older it can be difficult to find appropriate seasonal reading that doesn't insult their intelligence. Look for award winning titles. The Printz Award is given to superior young adult fiction. While you may not find something directly related to Hanukkah, you can find books with Jewish themes. It's a great idea to read these books before or after your kids do so that you can talk about the ideas with them.


Don't forget about non-fiction. Kids will be better equipped for serious studies if they've learned to research topics they love. Hanukkah's rich history will interest many kids. There are also some wonderful books on crafts and recipes you can make with your children to celebrate the holiday.


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