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Best Superhero Theme Songs

Updated on August 26, 2015
Superman Dancing
Superman Dancing | Source

Every great superhero needs their own theme music to announce their entrance, instilling fear into their enemies and excitement amongst their fans. Here are the 5 all time best superhero theme songs.

6. Iron Man

Album: Paranoid (1970)
Band: Black Sabbath

You could argue against this song being on my list, because it was not actually written for the Marvel superhero Iron Man, who was created in 1963 (That is why I put it in last place). The song is about a man who travels to the future and witnesses the apocalypse. While returning to his own time period, he is turned to steel and is unable to warn people of their doom, because he can no longer speak with his new metal body. When people continually mock him and his attempts at helping them, he grows angry and ends up being instrument of their destruction. However, because of the title it has become associated with Iron Man. The song was used in the 2008 Iron Man movie with Robert Downey Jr. The story might not match up with our hero, but the emotion in the music and Heavy Metal genre does.
Plus...I really like this song.

5. Wonder Woman Theme Song

Show: Wonder Woman, 1975-1979 Television Series
Composers: Charles Fox (music) and Norman Gimbel (lyrics)

The Wonder Woman television series with Lynda Carter aired on two networks and had two titles; on ABC it was called The New Original Wonder Woman and on CBS it was titled The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. When the series was changed networks after its first season, they moved the time period it took place in as well. In an attempt to cut the budget, the show now took place in modern times, instead of World War 2. The songs was revised to remove period references and better reflect modern culture. The heart of the song remained the same and the the chorus shouting “WONDER WOMAN!” was left in. This song’s refrain has transformed into more than a theme song. It has become Wonder Woman’s amazonian battle cry. It would be higher on the list, if not for all of the different versions.

4. Batman Theme

Show: Batman Television Series (1966-1968)
Composer: Neal Hefti

Yes, the campy Adam West Batman series may have set the Dark Knights story lines back for a while, but when "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!" comes on, we are ready for the Caped Crusader to come in with “BANG”, “WHAM”, and “POW” to save the day . The song’s blending of a spy film score with surf music was the perfect match for our Detective superhero in his swinging 60s setting. The only real word used was “Batman”, and shouting his name 11 times throughout the song is all we

3. Spider-Man Theme Song

Show: Spider-Man Cartoon (1967-1970)
Composers: Paul Francis Webster and Robert Harris

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can," has become woven into the web of the amazing Spider-Man. The lyrics might be one big exposition but when it plays a picture of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes swinging into our minds. The Peter Parker has changed his Spidey costumes over the years, but he always goes back to the good old red and blue and despite constant remakes, comic fans will always go back to this classic song from the 1960s.

2. Believe It or Not

Show: The Greatest American Hero (1981-1983)
Composers: Mike Post (music) and Stephen Geyer (lyrics)
Singer: Joey Scarbury

This song was able to stay in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 List for 18 weeks, and that is a super feat in itself. The music is just as recognizable as the The Great American Hero it represents. We may never learn all the lyrics beyond “Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air, I never thought I could feel so free” but it won’t stop us superhero geeks from shouting out the chorus at the top of our lungs. Ralph Hinkley believed he could fly and this song makes us believe we can sing!

1. Superman Theme

Hero: Superman
Composer: John Williams

You will notice that instead of using the word “show”, I used the term “Hero” in reference to where the song was used. This is because John Williams’ score for the main title of the 1978 Superman: The Movie has transcended its original roots and become firmly rooted in Superman’s mythology. Although Superman has been in countless movies, television shows, cartoons and videogames, it is this classic that will forever be associated with the Man of Steel. Most of these other mediums find ways to incorporate the song into their own work. When this song starts playing, we believe a man can fly. Considering it came from the same composer who gave us the iconic music of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Jaws it is no wonder this song secured the number one spot.


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    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Yea, I do tend to lean towards comedy.

    • profile image

      The Jeff Man 

      5 years ago

      Good Selection. I am a fan of campy songs too.


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