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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass

Updated on February 23, 2016

Beta Stone is the daughter of Mega Humans. A species of people with super human abilities. Her parents never informed her she would be led to Kocab when she is most vulnerable by her strongest power.

 Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace | Source

She Was Not Dreaming

I managed to fall asleep. I had not been sleeping well for a long while. My parents had been fighting at night, and my sister had started running away. I didn’t say much to my parents, because they were already under pressure, but I wish whatever they were fighting about would either fix itself or they ignore it. I am not one to ignore problems, but the bigger the problem the more I ignore it. And judging by how loudly they yelled, I was sure it was something big. Finally, finally sleep had overtaken me at a reasonable hour even I could respect.

In The Stars

My body struggled to lift from my twin sized bed. It was hot and muggy that night, and there was no need to get cozy under my hand crocheted quilt gifted to me by my great aunt. I hated that quilt it was bulky and heavy, but great on winter nights. The window opened itself. I guess when something is preordained things will just happen. I began a journey still in my slumber. My body was lifeless, but filled with calling. My position was fixed. On my side, knees bent, and hands palm to palm tucked with adolescence under my left ear. I rose in latitude and levitated onward out my second story room window. My inner man kept me from feeling the thinning air. I was up there pretty high. The flight was smooth. I would have never known I left my house. My senses began to increase and I could feel my parent’s anger. I could feel my sister’s foolishness. I changed my position, but did not wake. I tried to dream myself calm. I forced myself to dream of a better atmosphere. Where parents didn’t fight, and sisters didn’t run away, but my body refused. My senses grew stronger and stronger. I could see my other sister walking in the woods. She was following an unknown voice. I could feel someone watching her, and wanting her to take the bait. She disappeared. I could no longer see my sister. I could no longer feel her. My senses searched. My body was doing the equivalent of a dog sniffing out a criminal. Nothing. Where did she go? Where did my helpless, innocent, and abandoned adopted sister go? I was so frightened for her. Life had already been mean to Spica, and now this. It was so disturbing I screamed “No!” The thought of losing her I could not accept. My body turned cold and my mouth was dry. Slowly it came to me that I was thirsty and dreaming. I sat up, put my legs on the side of what would have been my bed, and motioned to stand up. But there was nothing there. Still drowsy I did not realize how strange that was. I pressed my feet against what would have been the carpeted floor, and waited for resistance to stand up. I felt my hair blowing. I did not feel my heavy quilt, but I began to feel water dripping on my head. I opened my eyes. Even through rain it was beautiful. The moon was only what seemed to be an arm’s length away, and the stars became my new family.


Hitting a Wall

There was no stopping what was happening, so I did not fight it. If I would have screamed no one would hear me. And I did not want to interrupt whatever force was holding me, as I did not want to plummet to my departure. I entertained the notion that perhaps I was still dreaming, but I was alive in a whole new way. And besides my dreams where never this kind. The distance between me and the earth decreased, and I could finally take in a full deep dose of oxygen. My own body twisted and turned with nature. My body was all knowing. Whatever was attracting me was doing so with urgency and grace. And the closer I got the more I could sense them or it wanting so badly to do it correctly. Every few seconds an irregular pulse would register. I figured it must have been a living thing calling me. I could feel its heart beat. Along came the first obstruction. A deep, dark, and insect infested wooded area. Fear sunk in. My body came to an abrupt stop, so intense I felt like I hit an invisible wall. My hair flew to the front of my head, and my body froze. I didn’t gather that I was going that fast. I did not know what was in that forest. I did not know what to expect, and that frightened me. More importantly I was afraid of bugs, but I was ready for this journey to be over. I motioned forward to start flying again, but nothing happened. With my eyes squinted and concentrating on movement; still nothing happened. Tired and annoyed I said “Okay. I am ready to go. Go now. Go!” There I was suspended in air with no way to get down or go forward. My senses had vanished and I was finally scared. I started to cry, and the nine year old girl I was started to show.



I descended down. My feet hugged the earth, and my ears popped. Once more I could feel Spica and hear her, but she was not talking. She was making odd noises. I had a vision. This was new. I saw Spica gesturing oddly. Guards were called, and she was detained. With vengeance I flew through the forest. My left arm was extended with a fist at the end. Forest debris moved out of my way, and the trees warped for my advantage. The forest that just framed me was no more. And there I was being pulled into the ocean. There were no sharp turns. There were no twists nor crevices. Only depth. Many feet ahead of me I could see a tiny light. The light became brighter and bigger. The light came close, and my speed was not decreasing. I tried to stop, but there was no time. I slammed into a metal door that was dimly lit by the light. A loud thud echoed throughout the ocean. Barely conscious I saw the door lift up, and I poured into the building. Once I was in the door closed without command, and the water drained naturally. I rolled onto my back and breathed deeply. I opened my exhausted eyes. Well within my line of vision a guy stood over me “why’d you come through the emergency door?” he said.

4 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass

© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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