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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass 3 of 1

Updated on February 23, 2016

Barely Recovered

Beta Stone is barely recovered as she searches through the halls of Kocab. Beta finds Spica, but fears it is too late. Atlas, tries to reconcile, but Beta is too angry to listen, but she becomes more curious after reading the story, and hearing the family secret.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

In her Chart vs Her Ability

“Flying, super strength, and incredible animal like senses are in your chart”, he said holding up the chart the nurse was writing on from earlier. “But intense combat ability, controlling the atmosphere, super speed, freezing time, and so much more is in your ability. Let me help you.” Atlas gently released me from his invisible hold. Still dizzy I tried to stand up. I stumbled to my feet. I did not answer him. I did not even look his way. I stumbled right past him down the hallway, almost crawling trying my best to sense out Spica. That area of the building was even more beautiful and hi-tech.

There she was

There she was behind dense glass. The monitor connected to her container read low oxygen. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. Spica’s olive skin was pale, her polished long brown hair was thin and brittle, and her upbeat eyes were dim. I pounded fiercely on the glass it did not even crack. My senses fired. I flew down the hallway, up the stairs, and out the door. Trying to develop as much speed as possible, I flew around the outside of the building a few times, to pick up as much speed as I could. I did the reverse, and flew as hard as I could into Spica’s glass container. I bounced off the glass, and through the parallel wall. As I emerge from the fragments my skin was ripped, and bones were broken. There stood a vertical table with snaps, pulleys, and needles set with fluid ready to do something to me. The monitor read “Beta Stone capacity is over loaded at 1,000% system is ready for resistance, rebellion, and/or lying.” Why was I so different? Everyone else was being held in a glass container. What plans did they have for me?

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

I was about to embark on my first combat

“I thought you would put up a fight,” said Atlas, standing outside of the hole I had freshly put in the wall. Spica managed to work up strength to move to the front of her container. She could now see everything. “Please, no more fighting. No more releasing Mega Humans from their vessels, and no more escape attempts. So far you have release legions of untrained Mega Humans who are now aware of their powers, but don’t know how to use them onto the world, tried to kill me, tried to release a Mega Super Human who if not trained properly could end society if she wanted to, and made a hole in my wall.” By this time, Atlas had made his way to where I was. He used his powers to pick me up, and rebuild the wall covering up my clear line of vision to Spica.

I flew into him at full speed, knocking him hard into the wall he just rebuilt. I heard the wall crumble, and chips of brick fell to the floor. He quickly rebounded soaring into the air. There we were face to face. No more talking. No more explanations. I was about to embark on my first combat. I had never fought before, but I knew that I was not going to submit to his orders. I could see in his eyes that he was ready and willing to do anything to win. The fighting started. I gave the first punch, and made contact with his nose. He ignored the bleeding and struck back, but he missed me. I took advantage of the opportunity, and flew around the room. Over and under the metal catwalk. I looked back to see how close he was to me, but he was not there. I sensed nothing. He suddenly disappeared. His scent and all had vanished. This angered me “where are you?!” I screamed with wrath. I flew to the other end of the cold genteel room that I now recognized as some type of modern day laboratory room. I started to explore.


The room was “L” shaped, and had a mild smell of old paper and aspirin. Around the corner stood a book shelf as high as I could fly. I eased upward to the top shelf. I made my way from the left side of the top row to the right side of the top row. In the middle of my light searching for something, although I did not know what. I saw a book placed down in a way that looked as if someone was going to come back for it later. The spine read “Beta Stone Caution.” The word “Caution” had strikes over it, like someone changed their mind. I panicked and picked up the book. After grabbing the book I descended down. I sat on the floor, and started at page one.

The story was fascinating, and it was of my life. Everything I was reading I had lived through. I did not realize I had gone through so much so young. The death of my rabbit and cat, moving 5 times in 9 years. I never had a mutual friend, and I missed my aunt and cousins more than I acknowledged. It was sad, really. Hours had passed, and I reached a part in my life that had not happened yet. I hesitated. As I was not positive I wanted to know what the future held. I gambled with the thought. I was trying to discern what to do. I certainly wanted to choose the less evil. “My mentor taught me that if you don’t know what to do, do nothing at all,” said Atlas as he reappeared sitting directly in front of me.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

He is Crazy

“Why is there a book on my life?” I said.
“Because you are a Mega Human, and before Mega Humans are brought here, by their strongest power, naturally. There life is chronicled.” He said while flipping through the pages of my book.
“Some Mega Humans like you don’t believe.”
“Believe what! Why am I here?” I said, tenderly. I was afraid of his answer, but I wanted to know.
“You have super human abilities. You’ve inherited them from your parents. Your parents are from a species of Mega Humans called Iticans. They populate a secret Island that you will find in your final vessel of glass tribulation.” I could barely understand what this man was saying to me. I was not relieved. I was upset. How was I supposed to adapt to being Itican? For so long I felt out of place, and miss matched with my family. And this stranger has just confirmed that not only am I with the correct family. There is actually no other family in the world that would be better suited for me. He’s crazy.

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© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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