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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass 4 of 1

Updated on February 24, 2016

Beta is restricted by Atlas and is informed that Spica can unleash doom. Nunki confirms Beta’s identity before she enters the vessel. Atlas is called to stop Spica and Beta encounters a sneak attack.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

Half Alive and Miserable

Atlas levitated upward, and brought me with him. My senses tried to refuse, but he overruled. He began to float throughout the building taking me with him against my will. I discontinued my struggle. As I had already planned my retaliation against him, and his nurse too. Through the wall and into the hallway we went. There was Spica even more drained. Poor Spica. She looked half alive and miserable. “Don’t allow Spica’s heavy demeanor distract you. Your sister is capable of unleashing a doom on you, you could never begin to comprehend. You’ll thank me later. Truth, she is being broken down. Don’t worry I’ll build her back.”

It Was Seven of Them

We continued to float throughout, and he continued to talk “At nine years old every Mega Human species; Itican, Sitarusinian, Almagan, Tapican…whatever, migrates here to Kocab.” Atlas commands the door to open, and there it was. It became the generator of all of my fears. It was seven of them. Seven glass vessels, and they were of modest size in width and height. Six of them were without a name, but the one in the middle had my name on it “Beta 7.”
I was scared. Atlas spoke with a fragileness in his voice. There was a certain sympathy that was missing before when he said “These seven glass vessels are training mechanisms. To teach you the powers that possesses you, so you in turn will possess your power. Every Mega Human has to accept what they can and cannot do.” I began to examine all the glass vessels, and they appeared to be the same on the inside and out. One by one I walked around, and entered every vessel memorizing every nook, curve, and blemish to compare to the one before it. But there was nothing to compare. They were all the same. Perfectly exact in symmetry.“Why does this one have my name on it?” I said tenderly, while feeling the glass. “You’re special. That one is for someone special. “What is so special about me?”

I Am Nunki

Atlas instructed me to follow him. We walk down a long well-lit hallway into a moon shaped room. He ordered me to sit while he prepared the screen. A large screen dropped from the ceiling. I watched in doubt, as the screen loaded the information. My skin crawled when the monitor said “Welcome to quadrant 12. I am Nunki. Do you have a question Atlas?” Not me Nunki, but my friend Beta does. “Hello, Beta. It is certainly nice to meet you. What is your question?” said Nunki. “Who am I?” I said, quietly. “You are Beta Stone. You are a nine year old Mega Human from the Itican species. You have no allergies, low energy, and no sense of humor. Your strongest power is flight, and it led you here.” said Nunki.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

The Stone Finder

And that was that. Nunki did not disclose any new information, and I was relieved, and ready to begin my tribulations. I ascended upward to fly back to Beta 7, but Nunki continued “You are also a rare sub-specie that is known as the stone finder. This is a mutation in your already mutated genes. And this only happens once every few thousand years. You will battle and conquer. But first you must find the stone to supply your power, or you will be destroyed. There were six stone finders before you, and they were destroyed. You are number seven.” I continued back to Beta 7 without hesitation. It was apparent that I must stay. Atlas followed beside me, and he did not say a word, but I could feel him proud. Not because I was entering the vessel of glass, but because he convinced me to stay. As we entered the room for the last time I asked
“What will happen to the kids that escaped?” I said, as I lowered myself at the entrance of Beta 7. “They are not kids, they are Mega’s. And they will still meet their fate.” said Atlas. “I-I-I didn’t mean to…” I murmured. Atlas soften his eyes and unsealed the door. I looked inside the glass vessel. At that moment time was perfect.

Spica Is Loose and Kocab Lost A few Good Men

The lights flickered, an alarm sound, and people who I believed were doctors ran out screaming. One female doctor ran into the room, and screamed at Atlas “Sir, quick! Down in the anti-establishment Spica is loose.” Atlas pushed me into the vessel, and sealed the door using his powers. I tried to break the glass. Without turning around nor stopping Atlas sealed the door again with his powers. By Atlas double sealing the door that let me know that I was capable of breaking his seal. I focused all my energy on erupting from that vessel. And I was close. I could feel it. Atlas was rushing to stop Spica. He yelled out “Auva stop Beta.” She walked straight through the vessel of glass. The transparent walls around me faded to black, and a single light switched on, and there I was face to face with the nurse who sedated me, Auva. Still in her uniform she took out a sword. I reminded her that no one used swords anymore. She did not reply. She ran at me with a slashing motion, wounding me across the face. I cried out, and fell to my knees. She came at me again jabbing me across the back. All I could think about was how do I survive this? I saw a door. I had to get out that door if I wanted a slight chance to even compete in this tribulation. I stumbled to my feet. Auva with great strength turned me around, and pricked me in the stomach with the sword. She pulled me close and said “I win.” She then threw me down, and walked away with the sword in her hand. I could not believe what had happened. I thought I was ready. Atlas arrive to the anti-establishment area where they moved Spica. They moved her for security reasons, because I found her location. After the senior level guards moved Spica she attacked them, brutally. Kocab lost a few good men detaining Spica.

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© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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