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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass 5 of 1

Updated on February 24, 2016

Atlas discovers new information about Spica’s oxygen levels. Inside Beta 7 Beta meets a new Mega. Doctor Rama examines Spica with the help of Nunki who reveals Spica is not quite Mega nor human. Beta begins her first trial as another Mega follows along.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

The anti-establishment

When Atlas entered the anti-establishment area he began giving orders “I ordered you to keep her restrained at all times. She is lethal, and can abolish us all,” said Atlas.
“She is stronger now,” said Rama the head doctor.
“Impossible. How is she stronger?” he said, while reading her monitor.
“She metabolized the serum. She turned it into oxygen like molecules,” said Rama.
“She doesn’t need oxygen it just weakens her,” Atlas mumbled to himself. With extreme urgency Atlas increased Spica’s oxygen within her vessel. Spica fell to the floor, and entered hyper-sleep mode. Atlas ordered Rama to study Spica. And find out who she is. Rama harshly objected. Atlas informed her she had no choice. He reminded Rama that she was forever in debt to Kocab, and must honor the order.

Rama Investigates

Rama entered Spica’s vessel slowly and carefully. She withdrew blood from her arm. Rama looked into Spica’s eyes and ears. She examined her face and hands closely, and then took a strand of her hair. Rama quietly exited the vessel, and went back to her lab. In her lab Rama watched Spica on camera. She studied Spica for hours as she slept, but there was nothing odd about her actions, nor her appearance. Rama could not figure out why Spica was normal with a regular amount of oxygen, but strong and abrasive with a low amount of oxygen. Rama reviewed Spica’s chart once more. Then she got a glimpse of the strand of hair she plucked from Spica’s scalp. She had forgotten about it. Rama took a magnifying glass and raised the hair strand to the light, and she notice something odd. The hair was lighter then when it was first plucked. She noted it on Spica’s chart. And continued to watch Spica on camera.

I was still at the mercy of Auva. She had not forgotten about me. That lady seemed to have a genuine dislike for me. Either she was just doing her job well, or for some unknown reason she did not like me.
“Why are you trying to kill me?” I said.
“I am just following orders. Atlas said stop you, so that is what I am doing, stopping you.” There was nothing I could say. I closed my eyes. A few seconds passed, and nothing happened. I opened my eyes, and there was Auva faced down on the floor melting into the vessel floor structure. And out of the air there appeared a boy. He had to be the same age as me.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

Nash Appears

I was shocked that Atlas was not aware of someone else's presents. I listened as he continued to say “You can self-heal you know?” he said walking towards Auva’s sword. I was so stunned by the sudden turn of events. I never thought to focus my senses on healing myself. He sat with me in quietness while my nerve endings reattached. It was painful. My torn dangling skin cells searching for more cells to connect to. I could feel my blood clotting. I could feel everything. He stayed and watched in sorrow, and flinched when I screamed. My existence could never be questioned after this experience. I am very much alive. Minutes went by without me screeching.
“Are you healed?” he said, with a curious look on his face.
“I guess so.” I replied, as I slowly sat up. “How did you get here?”
“I never left. When you released my quadrant I was in tribulation. I was winning. I want to master my powers, so I can be a hero,” he said, as he used the sword to cut the air.
“What are your powers?”
“I can make things melt by concentrating, and I can disappear, but only when I am afraid. I have not discovered any other powers yet.”
“I am Beta.”
“I know who you are. I am Nash,” he said, as we exited the dark room into our first trial.

Not Quite Human

Spica was fully awake, and looked like her old self once again. Her olive skin had returned, and so did her shiny brown hair and bright eyes. Rama seen Spica had awakened, and visited her vessel. Rama approached Spica’s vessel, and stared at her through the glass. Spica did not hold the gaze.
“You look familiar kid. Do I look familiar to you?” said Rama, in an upbeat tone. Spica shook her head no.
“What’s your name kid?”
“Spica Stone.”
“Spica I want to show you something,” Rama unsealed Spica’s vessel, and let her out.
Rama took Spica to the moon shaped room, also known as quadrant 12. She ordered the guards to stay away, and did not tell Atlas of her intentions. Rama explained to Spica that she was in an institution called Kocab. A training facility for Mega Humans. They are the off spring of other Mega Humans. Rama typed Spica’s name into the database, and nothing was returned. Nowhere does Kocab hold records of any Mega Human reported having a child by the name of Spica Stone. Spica with great remorse testified to being adopted. Spica explained to Rama that her parents rescued her as a baby when their neighbor’s home was raided, and their children were taken. Rama felt Spica’s shame.
“There is no shame in being adopted. You can still go on to do great things,” said Rama.
“How do you know?”
“Because I am adopted. And look at what I do. I treat mega humans, and help them perfect their powers,” Rama began to see the tortuous side of Spica. She assured Spica that she would look after her. Rama allowed Spica to walk back to her vessel on her own.
“Nunki did you get it?” said Rama.
“Scan is complete. Would you like the results now?”
“Spica Stone real name Spica ruler of many. Is a nine year old space girl. Not quite alien, not quite human. Her powers are extreme combat and fight to the kill, super strength, super speed, and high intelligence. She also has an army waiting for her command. Spica is a powerful warrior and leader. She is wise, and will stop at nothing to win.”
“Where is she from?”
“She is from space.”
“Exact location?”
“That is unknown.”
“Does she come from a planet, a star, and unknown galaxy?”
“Spica Stone’s original origin is unknown.”
“Is she a Mega Human?”
“She has 49% Mega Human DNA.”
“That is impossible. What is she?”
“All powerful.”
“How is she all powerful?”
“Nunki if Spica Stone is not 100% pure Mega Human what led her here?”
“Please hold while I scan…Doctor Rama you led her here.”
“Impossible. What is her weakness?” Rama said, nervously.
“Spica Stone’s weakness is oxygen.”
“Nunki lock down Kocab! Atlas please report to quadrant 12!” Rama said, with fright over the intercom.

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© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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