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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass 6 of 1

Updated on February 24, 2016

Rama confess her actions to Atlas. While fleeing the wrath of Atlas Rama runs to Spica’s vessel to give her a message. Beta does not use caution, and refuses to inform Nash, who has deemed himself leader of the tribulation.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

Quadrant 12

When Atlas arrived to quadrant 12 he could tell that Rama was upset. Rama with fear in her eyes replayed Nunki’s results about Spica. Atlas expressed interest, but was not at all concerned. He figured that a file was misplaced, or a family did not get around to reporting they had another child, not a big deal.

The Electric Dungeon

Rama confessed to Atlas that before she came to earth from her galaxy her sister was stolen by two Mega Humans. Rama explained that the reason her parents sent her to earth was to locate Spica, because villains from her galaxy would invade earth to find Spica, and take her captive to get revenge on her father the king. Rama confessed to taking her DNA and contaminating all the Mega Humans DNA that was already on file to lore her sister to Kocab. This infuriated Atlas. For the first time in history there was a non-Mega Human in the facility. This treason happened on his watch. His first mind was to have Rama slaughtered, but out of fear of exposing himself and earth to the wrath of her father. He imprisoned Rama to the electric dungeon.

Before the guards could apprehend her, Rama ran down the hallway to Spica’s vessel and screamed “Spica restrain yourself and hide. When they come for you hide. Hide and wait for fa…” That was all Rama was able to say before she was harshly arrested by guards. Spica did not know it, but she watched as her sister was dragged to a life sentence in the electric dungeon.


We were hungry, tired, and wet. The tribulation was well under way. It focused mainly on survival. Nash had defeated another pack of wolves that had been following us since we entered the trial. We had fought them off many times, but they kept coming back. We thought of a plan to hunt them down once and for all. As they all seemed to generate from one particular cave. We thought if we found their home he could rid the trial of them for good. The flesh seeking wolves were the least of our problems. Every night these double winged bird monsters with powerful blade tipped wings taunted us. And nipped at our flesh when we slept. We never saw these creatures during the day. They were odd looking creatures with rough skin and piercing eyes.

Flightless Girl

My feet were blistered, swollen, and I feared infected. I had to figure out a way to continue the trial, but give my feet a break. Nash reminded me that I could fly. My pride would not allow me to tell him that I lost my flight days ago. One morning I snuck out of the cave at dawn to pick berries. Nash and I had agreed to never go anywhere alone. But I was hungry and he was sleep. I tried to wake him, but he did not budge. We spent the night fighting off wolves. I always found it difficult to sleep after an attack of any kind. I flew safely to the berry bush, fill my sack, and began my journey back to the cave. I took flight. I could see the caves entrance. I was so close to safety. I reached in my sack, and started to eat the berries. About 15 berries in my elevation was decreased. I tried to fight, and stay in the air, but my senses were not stable. My flying became staggered, like a jet running out of fuel. I wanted to be in the air, but my senses were dulling. My speed did not decrease. I hit the forest floor, and slid through mud, grass, water, and bushes. I was scraped, cut, and pricked with thorns. Berries were smeared everywhere. It was a hard fall, and a rough landing. I took a moment to sit and recover. I thought my senses were getting stronger. Since finding out about my senses my body has done everything possible to keep me from falling. What was different about this time? I searched for a berry that was not obliterated. I crawled on the ground like an ant. I found one berry nestled against the base of the trunk of a tree. All I could think about was how Nash was going to kill me himself. Both of us worked so hard to stay alive, but it was Nash that figured out that the berries with 4 clusters were poisonous. There was no way I was going to tell him I poisoned myself, and that rendered me flightless.

There Was an Evil Chill

I did not know how long we were in the vessel of glass. But there seemed to be a morning, afternoon, and evening cycle. And we were there to experience a change of season. It was freezing cold outside. All the animals had left, and there was no food or water. Nash said we should move. I figured out a way to weave leaves into clothing. I made us coats and boots for our journey. It was harsh. There was an evil chill in the air mixed with hail chunks. He had not eaten in days, and he was famished. I never seen him like this. He was angry, slow, and quiet. I suggested we stop and setup camp. We brought along some wolf meat from our last battle. He dropped the equipment, fell in the snow, rolled onto his back, and stared at the sky. I assumed that meant I was setting up the camp myself. I struggled to piece the tent together. Tent…more like random sticks and big leaves we tied together. It made a decent shelter. I brought along enough sticks and leaves to make the tent high enough to stand up in, and wide enough to walk around in. And it was warm.

Nash the Leader

The tent was assembled. As soon as it was up he crawled inside, started a fire, and began cooking the wolf meat.

“I don’t know where we are going. You are going to have to fly us out of here,” said Nash.

“I am sure we’re almost out of this weather. We’ve been walking in a straight line.”

“Flying would be easiest.”

I did not reply. Nash was giving up I could see it. I could feel it.

“Everything always has to be your way,” I said, patching up my right leaf boot.

“Someone had to be the leader!”

“That someone was me. I was supposed to be the leader. That vessel of glass had my name on it. It was made special for me only!”

“Oh that’s right. I forgot you’re Beta Stone the stone finder. You’re so special. We have been in here for three years, and you have not found one stone.”

“I have contributed to this trial just as much as you have if not more.”

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© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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