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Beta Stone: Part One The Vessel of Glass 2 of 1

Updated on February 23, 2016

Beta Stone awakens inside Kocab where the truth is revealed about her sister Spica. Beta escapes the nurse’s ward and releases those who appear to be captured. Beta is told Spica is close.

Created by Maggalynn Grace
Created by Maggalynn Grace

Awakened Angry

Awakened by the sound of a constant beeping noise. I was snugged in tightly into an unknown bed with an IV in my left arm. Including the one I occupied there were 15 beds in the area. And a desk area up front. There were no other people I could see in the other well-made beds. I guessed I had passed out shortly after my arrival, and was taken to the emergency room. I tried to sit up, but the nurse ordered me to lay back and rest.

“I have to find my sister,” I said, barely. My mouth was so dry.

“Your sister is fine. She is safe,” said the nurse as she made notes in my chart.

“She is detained,” I said, while taking the IV out of my arm.

“Yes. I said she is safe,” said the nurse, while slapping my hand away, and pushing the IV back in.

“So you agree with me?” I said, with force.

“You were not to discover your powers until you were here,” said the nurse while injecting something that made me instantaneously sleepy into my vein.

Pressing the Button

I braced myself, so the medicine would not take. Biting my tongue and bucking my eyes was not enough to fight the sleepy serum. As I drifted off all I could think about was Spica, and how she needed me to save her, but the truth was we needed each other.

“My name is Atlas,” he said, calmly. My eyes were closed, and senses were dulled, but I recognized his indirect tone from earlier. “I don’t have to use my powers to know you are upset and scared.” Atlas paused. He told the nurse to stand back and prepare for an attack. The nurse followed his orders, and took sanctuary behind the big desk up front. I did not know it at the time, but he was referring to me. He took a self-protective stance “wake up. Your powers are stronger than I thought a little sleep medicine is nothing for you to shake. Wake up Beta. I know you can hear me. Wake! And find your sister!” he said, with such aggression. That was all I needed to hear. Energy filled my body. I jumped out of the bed and threw it at him. I missed by a mile, but it was enough to distract him while I searched for Spica. After pulling the fire alarm I ran down the hallway. It was a grand and well-lit hallway. Big enough to hold two lanes of traffic. People in lab coats ran into the hallway in panic some looking for the fire, and some trying to escape. They left behind other people. People like me. Kids no older than nine years old kept in vertical glass or plastic containers with a slight wave on the side. I had never saw anything like it. I was confused and angry. I searched intensely for a way to let them out. I walk around one of the containers, searching for a door, but there was no door on this one. I walk around another container, again no door. One last time I walked carefully dragging my hand along the side of the container, hoping to feel a groove of where an invisible door frame may have been. It was smooth. In front of each container was a monitor. I started pressing buttons. I navigated through the screens, looking for a way to let the kids free. The last screen on the monitor appeared with the words “Release Button.” I started pressing the release button on all the monitors to open the containers and set them free. I freed as many as I could from one quadrant. As I looked around to search from more kids or quadrants. I saw a single monitor slightly bigger than the others attached to the wall with only one screen that read “Release All.” I heard the nurse in distress. She screamed to Atlas

“Are you going to stop her?”

“Let her do as she please. Either way she will fix it,” said Atlas.


The Release of Them All

Hearing him say that only infuriated me more. I didn’t have to do anything. I was my own person. With honor for all kids that had been experimented on before me. I pressed the release all button. I looked for Atlas, with a smirk on my face. He was standing a great distance behind me. Hundreds of children ran out, flew out, or vanished out into the night. One by one they rushed passed me knocking me down to the beautifully polished concrete floor, and stampeded over me. I cried in pain and with fear. All the while Atlas and the nurse were watching me fail, but that time they were watching from above.


Flash Back

I could not get up. Over 70 kids must have ran across by back. Squashing me into the floor every time. I don’t think they even saw me. My senses took over. My body refused to die. Slowly I began to sink into the floor. I could not stop it. My body felt like it was melting into the building structure. I was melting, and I was falling. My mind went blank, and I could no longer feel. My heart was not beating, and I could no longer think. I didn’t know where I was going. But I knew something was happening. The floor was approaching. I gasped with fright. I suddenly wanted to be home. I was desperate to hear my parent’s angry voices, snapping, complaining, and barking at each other. And to feel the anticipation of when will my sister be home, or if she would ever come back home. I often felt that Rana wanted to be away from home, from us. I could not prove it, but I felt that she wanted something more than school every day, and summers away at grandma and grandpa’s. My wandering mind was brought back as the cement floor was about to become my doom. My eyes became milky, and I could see my own beads of sweat splatter on the floor. But I began to slow down. I was too frazzled to fire my senses, but for the first time during this adventure I felt safe.

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© 2016 Maggalynn Grace


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