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Between Dimensions- Chapter 10

Updated on September 12, 2015


“I like your fiancée.”

“Well,” says Logan, “There is something about her.”

“I would like to know her better.” The Queen replies.

“Whatever you wish for.”

“You seem to be a little restless,” The Queen eyes Logan with amusement, “You wish to go and check on her?”

“Ah…” He hesitates before answering, “Yes, if it’s alright.”

“Of course it is. Go on.” She dismisses him with a wave of her elegantly gloved hand.

Logan stands and bows low, and leaves.

“I should go and call him!” Becca looks anxiously at Adrian.

“I’m gonna be okay Becca,” She replies calmly, “He’s going to come.”

“Of course he is going to come, unless the Queen turns into some monster cannibal thing and eats him. And you know there’s no telling whether that would happen or not.”

“Becca,” she replies warily, “Please shut up.”

She is about to reply when Logan walks in. He opens his mouth but closes it when he gets a look at Adrian. His face pales. Adrian’s hand was bloody so he couldn’t see that there was a huge gash but the blood was enough for him. Instead of asking questions, he walks up to her and places his hand on Adrian’s. He closes his eyes in concentration, and Becca watches, fascinated, as the gash slowly closes and disappears. He takes a towel from the bedside and wipes her hand gently.

“There was poison in there. It won’t harm you now but you’ll be weak. For a long time.” He tells Adrian.

“Alright now can you tell us what happened?” Becca asks.

“I went into her chambers,” Adian begins, “there was nothing there, but in her wardrobe, there was a sliding panel. There was a bloodbane in there.”


“It’s a plant,” Logan turns around to face her. It was holding an expression she had never seen on him before. He was so serious that his face had transformed. “From the forest. Whenever anyone comes near it, it well, snaps. It has poisonous fangs, which bit her. If she had not pulled away in time, well you can imagine.”

“And there was nothing behind that plant?” Becca asks from Adrian.

“No there was nothing. I’m sure.”

“Then where is it?” It seems that Becca was the only one interrogating here.

“Oh I know, and despite that face, I let her go into the most dangerous part of the palace unguarded!” Logan snaps and stands up abruptly. ‘I’m leaving. You both should rest.”

When he’s gone, Becca looks over at Adrian but her eyes are already closed. Sighing, she sits on the adjacent bed and ponders over all the facts in front of her. She wants to get out of this place as soon as possible, but before that she wants to get rid of the stupid dress she was wearing. And the only way out of both of these uncomfortable and dangerous situations was to kill the bitch. Considering the size of the ‘secret weapon’, it couldn’t be easily hidden. And the idea of it being behind a wooden panel, well it seemed to be stupid, Becca thinks, then where could it be? It wasn’t in her bedroom, or the court, where Logan must have seen it. Then it strikes her. The Royal Bitch must have hidden it somewhere no one would ever suspect it would be. In plain sight. If what Adrian had told her was right, then there was no way it could be taken away from this place. It stayed where the Queen stayed. So this means, it should be in some garden or courtyard or somewhere busy.

She can feel sleep sneaking up on her, but she decides to ignore it. If she told this to Adrian or Logan, they would make her sit and do all the work themselves. All her life she had been a fan of all those adventure books and movies. Now she had got the chance to actually do something she had only dreamed of. And there was no way she would let go of this opportunity now. Making up her mind, she stands up and leaves Adrian, who is sleeping.

The sun is setting on the city, and Becca thought it was beautiful. She had always been more attracted to sunsets than sunrises. They were much more beautiful, she thought. Even now, when she is on a deadly mission to assassinate an all powerful evil Queen with immeasurable power, she stops and stares at the orange ball of light. For the first time since she had been deported from her dimension, she was feeling happy, and beautiful. But it could not last long.


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