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Between Dimensions- Chapter 11

Updated on September 13, 2015


Two women, who were dressed identically had snuck up on Becca while she was busy being happy and savoring the sunset. One of them taps on her shoulder and automatically she whirls around and comes face to face with both of the rosy cheeked women, who are looking at her curiously. Surprised, she staggers back and holds the stone railing for support.

“Who the heck,” Becca begins slowly, “are you?”

The one standing on the right gasps and covers her mouth with her delicate hand. The other one speaks up for her,

“You just swore!” She exclaims.

“So?” Becca asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh I see, you-”

“The Queen is waiting.” The one standing on right interrupts, “We need to go.”

“The Queen?” Becca squeaks.

“Yes, she wants to see you.” And without saying anything else, they take Becca’s arms and pull her along, no matter how much Becca protests.

Logan paces around his room, going over all the events of the day. The party or meeting with Queen was nothing new for him. He had to go through either of these things almost each day. But Adrian…he was worried about her. The healing magic he had performed would keep her alive but she would be weak for the rest of the week, maybe longer. She wouldn’t be able to do anything now; it was down to Becca and him. Becca…he sighs when he thinks of her. She was so disturbed when Adrian hadn’t returned. Worrying like that made her even more beautiful. She was so naïve. She must be resting right now. Still thinking about Becca, he lies on his bed, and falls asleep.

Reluctantly, Becca bows in front of the Royal Bitch, along with the two women who had practically dragged her here.

“Rise.” She says after a considerable amount of time.

They do and the women who were flanking her by now retreat into the shadows. Becca raises her chin and clasps her hands in front of her, and waits for the Queen to begin. The Queen raises from her throne, gracefully, of course, and floats down the steps. She stands about an arm’s distance away from Becca, but she still feels like her space is being violated. All she wanted to do was plunge that dagger hidden in the in the folds of her dress into the Queen’s chest but she knows it is futile. Only one thing can ever kill her. Only that thing can get her home.

“Is your cousin alright?” The Queen asks, but doesn’t even try to fake concern. She is only curious.

“No,” Becca hesitates before answering, “She is not well, down with very high fever.”

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be alright. Now, Logan told me that you are the daughter of a merchant from Zubdin.”

Becca nods in answer.

“Then how did you two meet?”

“He didn’t tell you?” Becca asks, trying really hard to look just inquisitive and not like she was freaking out.

“No, he did not.”

“Well,” She begins, racking her brain to cook up a story, “We first met when I had come with my father to visit one of his friends. We grew together after that. And then he came to my house to propose. I said yes, my father said yes. But my mother, well she was away because my aunt was unwell. She has not approved, yet. So I persuaded my father to let me come here until mother comes back.”

“I see. But he never mentioned you before…”

“Well you’ll have to ask him about that.”

“I will. It was great talking to you, now you may leave.” She gestures towards the door. Becca bows again and leaves.

Had Logan already told her? If he had, he would’ve told her too, wouldn’t he? If not, then the Queen already knew everything. She decides to go to Logan and ask him. The trip from the Queen’s chambers to Logan’s was long. Becca is breathing deeply by the time she reaches there. No wonder, she thinks, that these women can’t do anything. No one can, wearing these stupidly heavy clothes. She enters Logan’s chambers to find him sleeping with his mouth slightly open. He looks so innocent and unguarded, it takes her off guard. She doesn’t want to disturb him, but she knows she has to. She shakes him slightly and crosses her arms over her chest as she waits while comes out his sleep.


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