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Between Dimensions- Chapter 12

Updated on September 15, 2015


Logan blanches as Becca narrates her episode with the Queen.

“So, had you told anything about this to her?” She finishes.

“Yes.” Now it was her turn to grow pale. She doesn’t ask any questions, so he continues, “I told her we had met before I came here. That we had known each other as our parents were friends and you had come to their funeral.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me, you idiot?!” she exclaims incredulously.

“I forgot!”

‘You forgot, huh? And now because of you,” she points a finger at him accusingly, “Either we all are dead, or I’ll be stuck in that stupid clock for who knows how long like Adrian!”

“I am really sorry, but shouldn’t we be thinking-” Logan tries to be reasonable, but Becca interrupts him.

“Just shut up.”She closes her eyes and takes deep breaths, “Now you listen to me,” she begins, the disbelieving and shocked expression replaced by determination. “Adrian didn’t find the weapon in her room because it wasn’t there. The Queen is cunning. Anyone would reach the conclusion that she would hide such an important thing in a place where no one is allowed to go. She’s not so stupid. I think that she didn’t hide it, but left it out somewhere in plain sight, somewhere no one could even imagine her lifeline being. You get what I’m saying?”

“Yes,” Logan replies, hope shining in his eyes, “Yes, that definitely makes sense.”

“So we’ll go around and look for it, but what about Adrian?”

“She can’t search for it. Let her rest. It wouldn’t even matter if we find the weapon. Once the Queen is dead, Doerian will take over.”

“Okay, so I’ll go look in the gardens, you go and look in the courtyard.”

“Okay, and whoever finds it will use it without waiting for the other.”

“But, one thing doesn’t make sense. If she knows, then why didn’t she kill me, or even capture me then and there?” Becca asks.

“She likes playing games, and that is why we do not have time.”

Without further ado, both of them run out of Logan’s chambers, in opposite directions. Again, Becca curses the stupid dress for slowing her down, but it’s not like she had time to change. On her way, she passes a few people, but doesn’t wait to see their reactions on seeing a maiden running with her dress hoisted up to her knees. To hell with their judgments, running like a lady won’t keep me alive.

Panting heavily, she reaches the palace gardens. They spread out wide in front of her, and the setting sun won’t make the search easy. Desperately wishing for a flashlight, or even a candle, she enters the garden, with flower covered bushes on both sides, and trees beyond, it was beautiful and alien like everything else here. Becca starts running again, sensing someone following her, but keeping a close eye on everything around her. The Royal Bitch could’ve hidden it anywhere in all this vegetation.

Logan reaches the courtyard to see the sun casting orange light on all the statues and fountains. He had gotten a lot less curious stares than Becca. There were a few people milling around, most of them hurrying back home before dark. He remembers Adrian telling him about the artificial light from her dimension, and wishes his world was as advanced as theirs.

Becca immediately comes to a halt as she takes in the scene before her eyes. Her mouth hangs open and her eyes widen, but the first thing she does is cursing herself for being so stupid. The Queen stands in front of her, wearing an amused smirk on her face. But the thing bothering Becca isn’t the presence of the Queen. She had accepted that this wasn’t going to be easy, but all the while she had hoped it would be. Adrian was behind the Queen. Her unconscious body was hovering five feet above the ground. The weapon she had been looking for was right in front of her, midway between her and the Queen. She contemplated running and using the weapon but two soldiers had appeared soundlessly, and were standing right behind her.

“You thought it would be that easy?” The Queen asks mockingly.

“No,” Becca spats, “And please just get to the point.”

The Queen laughs, a mirthless laughter, and says, “Oh but I like playing games.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“But tell me, Rose-”

“Becca,” She interrupts, and answers the Queen’s questioning glare, “It’s Becca, not Rose.”

“Oh, and am I supposed to care? Don’t answer that, answer this, why are you doing this?”

“Because I don’t have any other option,” Becca answers, “I don’t even belong to this world. You know what my mistake was? Buying that stupid clock. All I wanted was a present for my father’s birthday. I didn’t want to be magically transported from my world into this. Why do I care for what is going on here? But I have to kill you, or Doerian won’t let me go back. And I want to go back. To my world. To my life. I hadn’t even believed in magic before I was kidnapped.”

The Queen opens her mouth, expression unreadable, when two palace guards enter the scene, dragging a limp body. “My Queen, he was eavesdropping.”

Becca turns around, and lets out a gasp as she sees the bloody body of Zac.


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