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Between Dimensions- Chapter 13

Updated on September 16, 2015


“So,” The Queen begins, bringing Becca out of her astound, “you were saying that you were forced to come here?”

“Yes,” Becca replies, making sure her voice isn’t shaking, “I don’t care about Doerian.”

“Then if I offer you a deal, you won’t refuse?”

“Depends on the terms of this ‘deal’.” Replies Becca. It is becoming very hard for her to keep her face straight.

She laughs in answer, “I like you. So, according to my terms, you will tell me where Doerian is, and I will make sure that you reach your world, safe and sound.”

Becca takes her time in answering, “Okay, but I don’t know where he is. I’m new to all this stuff, you know. I don’t really get the concept of dimensions.”

“And you don’t need to understand all that. All you need to tell me is that where you landed when you came into this world. I will figure out the rest.”

“But I want to know,” Becca protests, “All this dimension stuff is interesting.”

“Oh you’re not wrong about that. It is fascinating,” The Queen replies, “Everything exists in dimensions. Dimensions are not stacked next to each other like boxes; they exist together as a crumbled piece of parchment, overlapping at some place. And the places between various dimensions, and that’s where you were transported to. There is no time in such places, and finding a gateway to one means you have access to all other dimensions. Now, that’s enough questions. Tell me if you will cooperate.”

“Okay, but how do I know you’ll do as you say?” Becca raises her eyebrow.

“I swear that I won’t go back on my word.” The Queen smiles, to encourage her.

“Okay. I’ll tell you.”

Zac was looking at all that was happening before him, but it all seemed to be a dream. The guards had dragged him close enough so he could hear the conversation between Becca and the Queen. At first he couldn’t believe what he was he was hearing. He felt like his ears were deceiving him. But then it had started to make sense. Of course Becca had said all that. Why would she care about what was happening in his world? He was doing all this because he had seen all the people suffer, Doerian was his best friend, and this woman had killed his family. His parents and his baby sister. He was doing all of this for vengeance. Adrian had spent time in this world as a slave, and over the time she had lived with Doerian, she had come to care for him. Both of them had a reason, a force which was driving them to work against the Queen. But Becca, she didn’t care about Doerian, or the innocent people whose misery seemed endless. All she wanted was to get back to her world. It made so much sense that he wanted to kick himself for being so stupid and ignorant. And the thought of him liking this selfish girl made him sick.

Controlling his feelings, he tries to formulate a plan. The guards had beaten him but they had not known that he was specialized in healing magic. Ordinary cuts and wounds were nothing big. He had started using the magic when a considerable amount of blood had come out. This made him look seriously wounded and unconscious. As a plan starts forming in his mind, he hears the rest of the conversation,

“And what about them?” Becca asks, jerking her head towards Adrian and him.

“They’ll stay here. I won’t pardon them.” The Queen had is wearing a cold expression now.

“Okay.” Becca replies, shrugging, “And when will we leave?”

“Tomorrow morning, as soon as the sun rises.” Saying that, she turns around, and starts walking away. As soon as she’s gone, Becca turns to face the guards holding Logan’s limp body and says,

“What will you do with him?” The sun has almost set by this time. The only sources of light are the burning torches which lit the path to the palace.

“Oh we’ll just leave him here, it’s not like he can get up now.” One of them replies and they dump Zac’s body on the ground. They both turn around and leave. Becca strolls around the garden, trying to look unsuspicious, and as soon as she is sure no one is around she rushes to Zac and kneels beside him. She pushes the blood matted hair away from his face, gently and looks into his open eyes, which are staring back with hatred and betrayal at her.


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