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Between Dimensions- Chapter 14

Updated on September 18, 2015


“We will go on horses.” The Queen declares, stroking a white stallion with gentleness which Becca was surprised to see exhibited by her.

“Umm…okay.” Replies Becca. She had never even sat on a horse before; much less know how to ride on it. And she didn’t count herself as one of the biggest animal lovers. She was fine till the time someone showed her pictures of cute puppies and cats. But as soon as they came near them, well there’s no way to be subtle about it, she freaked out.

“What are you waiting for?” The Queen asks; bring Becca back to the reality. “Climb on.”She was already on top her horse. There goes my chance of looking and learning, she thinks. Awkwardly, she tries to climb the saddle, but ends up tumbling on the ground. The Queen laughs loudly and asks,

“You’ve never ridden a horse before?”


“Come on,” she replies, “I’ll show you.” She gets off her stallion and after a lot of falling on Becca’s side, and a lot of laughing by the Queen’s side, Becca gets on the brown horse. Without wasting another moment, The Queen climbs back on her horse and instructs Becca on how to ride a horse.

“Have you swallowed Horse Riding 101 by any chance?” Becca asks.

“What?” The Queen looks confused.

“Nothing.” She shakes her head and pulls the reins, a little too hard, and the horse shoots off with speed that almost throws her off it. She remains on top of it only because she was holding the reins as if her life depended on it.

“It’s like a roller coaster without safety measures. A living roller coaster which wouldn’t hesitate before throwing me off and walking all over me.” Becca mutters to herself. The Queen catches up with her by the time she regains her composure.

“ Very good.” The Queen praises her with an encouraging smile.

“Very good?” Becca scoffs.

“Yes, for a beginner.”

As they keep moving, their casual conversation continues. The Queen asks Becca about her world, her life and family, while Becca asks her more about dimensions and magic. As they converse, almost like old friends, it seems to Becca that The Queen isn’t so bad. But then she tells herself, She’s only doing this to use you, to gain your trust. She is evil. But is she? Her state of dilemma grows as they continue their journey to the forest from where her journey had begun.

If Doerian was half as good as he claims to be, then why would he kidnap you? If he was so brave and noble then why would he send her and Adrian, who did not even belong to this world, on this dangerous quest? Why should she help a guy who threw her here, and did not provide any help either? But the thought of leaving Adrian, and even Logan in the treacherous hands of fate made her stomach clench. She couldn’t leave Adrian and Logan like this. Their lives depended on the decision she will make. And the people she saw on the way to the palace? Working hard under the burning sun while soldiers stood behind you with whips in hands didn’t exactly sound like they had any job satisfaction. She hadn’t seen many people of the city, but the ones she saw were definitely not healthy from any angle. The decision she will make will also decide the fate of all these thousands for whom hope was nowhere in sight. She was finally getting to a hero, a type of hero she had always read about, and now she was trying to run away?

No, she decides. A good ruler would definitely not turn a blind eye to all of her subjects. She feeds on their misery; she grows powerful as they become weak. Determination fills Becca as she decides what she wanted to do. For a while, they ride in silence as the sun rises and the temperature rises. Becca, lost in her thoughts stares blankly ahead, as The Queen gives her a strange look.

“Becca,” she says gently, “We’re at the edge of the forest. You will have to lead the way now.”

That brings her out of her thoughts, and with much difficulty, she keeps her face straight, and the guides her horse ahead and the rest of the party follow her in a queue.


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