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Between Dimensions-Chapter 15

Updated on November 12, 2015

As the canopy over her head grows denser, the forest grows darker. Becca had forgotten how the forest would creep up on her. It is beautiful and dangerous, deceiving with its beauty. A lot of times, now and the previous time she was here, the forest has tempted her to come closer, but she resists. Apart from the beauty, this forest holds memories for her. Not all of them pleasant, but she would gladly go back and relive them. At least the Queen and her soldiers wouldn't be following her. She resists the urge to look behind and keeps going on.

"It wouldn't be just a day's journey." Becca says to the Queen after a while, "It's a long way."

"That will be no problem," She replies with a smile, "We have all the supplies. I made sure that my soldiers are fully equipped."

Becca sees through the threat easily. Fully kill her in case she steps out line...Fully equipped to kill her once the Queen gets what she wants.

"Good." Becca replies and returns the smile.

After hours of travelling on the horse which leave Becca's legs totally sore, they stop for the night. While the soldier's put up the tent in a clearing, the Queen calls Becca to her side. She obliges reluctantly, and walks to her, or rather limps to her.

"You see that plant?” She asks not looking at Becca.

Becca wanted to give a snide comment, like, ‘Of course, you bitch, I’m not blind.’ But she figured that once she says that, she would probably end up blind, so she doesn’t say anything.

“It’s so beautiful isn’t it?” The Queen continues. It is beautiful, like everything else here. It is huge, the biggest flower Becca had ever seen, bigger than any that existed in her world. The purple petals were streaked with occasional silver. The silver is glowing, like stars. Becca nods in agreement.

“You know what happens when you touch it?”

“No.” Becca replies, again holding back an array of colorful words.

“Of course,” The Queen laughs, probably at her own stupidity, “It’s called raelsia. It makes you like it.”

Seeing Becca’s confused expression, she continues,

“Once a person touches it, or even smells it, it works its magic and makes you another raelsia.”

“Oh,” Replies Becca, “There must be many of raelsia then.”

“Yes, there are. It’s their way of reproducing. Fascinating, isn’t it?”


The soldiers are surprisingly quick at doing everything- setting up the tents, cooking, bringing the water. Becca suspects the use of magic, and she is not wrong. The day passes quickly, and Becca hopes even the night will. When she gets into her tent with just a few mouthfuls of food, she again misses her friends, but she can only hope for their well being.

Even though she knows she doesn’t have to keep watch, because she knows that The Queen won’t kill her, not now. She won’t try to tie her up or anything because The Queen knows that Becca must trust her or else she can easily lead them the wrong way. Becca knows all this, but sleep doesn’t come, no matter how hard she tries.

The next day dawns and Becca continues her journey with her enemies. The journey is extremely uneventful, and by the time they near the clearing where Becca first came into this world, she is really bored, when she knows she shouldn’t be. Her life might end in a few minutes and she is bored. They reach the clearing and Becca dismounts, more like falls from her horse. The Queen gracefully dismounts, so do her soldiers. All eyes are on her.

“So,” She begins, “This is the place. Do whatever you have to. I’ll just wait…”

“I don’t sense any openings.” The Queen says, looking at Becca accusingly.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Becca replies, “It was definitely this place. You said all I had to was bring you here. You can do the rest.”

“Are you sure?”

“This is definitely the place.”

“Okay… I’ll look for it.” The Queen finally replies.

Becca’s heartbeat quickens as the Royal Bitch walks around with her eyes closed. Her lips continuously move, but no sound escapes them.

Logan had said that he would look to it. She had brought him as much time as she could. This wasn’t the safest bet, but it was all any of them could think of at that moment. Maybe they had made a mistake.


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