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Between Dimensions- Chapter 2

Updated on September 2, 2015

It takes a few minutes for the horrible sound to go away. It does not go as suddenly it started, it fades, slowly…

As soon as it does, Adrian is on her feet and Doerian materializes again. They both look at each other and a silent message passes through them, much obvious to Becca.

“What was that?” she asks, eyeing them both suspiciously.

“A banshee.” Doerian replies without looking at her.

“A wh-“ Becca is cut off by Adrian.

“From where did you get the clock?”

“An antique shop, but that doesn’t matter-“

“Who sold it to you?”

“I don’t know!” Becca says, throwing up her hands

“Was something odd about the person?” Doerian speaks up this time.

“Well yeah, he was staring at me. Until I told him not to. But it was weird.”

“It has to someone working for her.” Adrian starts speaking to Doerian again.

“Yes, and now she knows. Our problems are piling up! How can she do it?! Why couldn’t a big, burly man have come in place of this whining girl?!” says Doerian, making Becca angrier, as she was a big believer of feminism.

“Excuse me? Whining girl?” She shouts, “First of all I disappear from my dimension, then either of you refuse to tell me anything, a banshee almost makes me deaf and when I demand to know what’s happening, I’m a whining girl?”

“Tell her everything,” Doerian says, sighing deeply, “I’m going to put up reinforcements.” And he disappears.

“Okay, Becca, this is serious,” begins Adrian

“Well of course it’s serious! Before, it was about my survival, now it’s about showing that chauvinist that a big burly man is no better than me! It’s about showing him that-“

“Shut up!” Adrian shouts, her face holding a dangerous expression, enough to make Becca quiet. “You,” she points a finger at Becca and she takes an involuntary step back, “will listen to me now. This is big. Much, much bigger than you. That banshee was under the Queen’s control, and if it found a way in here means that the Queen knows you are here. And I told you, she wields power beyond your imagination. And you are the only one who can bring her down. If you’re not serious about this, everything will be over. And you will die.”

“What do I have to do?” Replies Becca, crossing her arms over her chest protectively as Adrian launches into the details of the dangerous quest she will have to follow.

“So,” Becca asks after Adrian is done speaking, “that means if at 12 I’m touching you, even you will be transported into that dimension with me?”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe. We all know very little about portals. We’ll hold hands when the clock strikes 12 and find out. You know everything I do by now, so it wouldn’t really matter, but we will try.”

“Okay, but till then? We just sit here?”

“Yes.” Adrian replies and closes her eyes, “Get some rest; we still have a few hours.”

But Becca was pumped up with adrenalin. She couldn’t rest when she knew she will have to do all that. Only in a few hours.

“You said earlier that Doerian has followers. Who are they?”

“Other magical beings and power wielders like him. Basically all those who opposed the queen and survived.”

“How many people and being did she kill?”

“No one knows. People in this dimension do not have as much advanced technology that we have. So they don’t have records. No way to know how many died.”

“Oh. B-“

But again, Becca is interrupted, not by a banshee this time. By a weird sensation building up in her stomach as she feels something moving up and down on her skin. Adrian watches in astonishment as Becca suddenly bursts out laughing, holding her stomach.

“Becca?” Adrian asks quietly as Becca continues laughing in front of her.

“Help!” Becca barely whispers between the fits of laughter, “Something is tickling me!”

Realization hits Adrian as she finally understands that the Queen has sent Pixies this time.

“Doerian!” Adrian calls out for help. But she is unable to do anything as she sees the bottom Becca’s shirt tear into shreds. She is unable to help Becca as blood starts oozing out of the deep scratches appear on her skin. She can’t do anything about the invisible Pixies as she sees Becca laugh even though she’s in terrible pain. Not only because of the sharp Pixie talons, but because of the poison they hold.


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