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Between Dimensions-Chapter 3

Updated on September 3, 2015


Adrian covers her face as she sobs. She is ashamed to cry in front of Doerian but at the same time she knows she can’t help it. What she saw was horrific. And on top of that she couldn’t do anything. She hates feeling helpless like she did when she saw Becca suffer.

“Pixies weren’t supposed to be evil!” She says between the sobs. Doerian hesitantly puts a hand on her back to comfort her.

“This gives us all the more reason to fight her. If only I could do something.”

“No, this is supposed to be her fight,” Adrian says as she watches the only healer under Doerian, Moeia cover Becca’s wounds. It took a while for Doerian to come. Even longer for him to summon Moeia. Thankfully he was able to get rid of the pixies in time but the damage was done. Becca lies in a scary pool of blood, unconscious. “I’ll go with her if I can. She can do it. You know she can.” She looks hopefully at Doerian.

“Maybe…” he sighs, “I need to tell this to the others. This means that she has even more beings under her now. And what the pixies did… it only shows that she is manipulating them or using some kind of magic we don’t know of…yet.”

“What about your spies?” asks Adrian.

“Even if they know something, you know how difficult it is to communicate. And now that she knows she’ll make sure that every possible protection is up. The portal that opens up at 12 is the only way and I can’t use it. Neither can you.”

“But she can’t go at 12 now…” says Adrian doubtfully,”She’s in no condition to even stand up, much less go to that place.” She shudders, remembering her time in Doerian’s world.

“Not from this portal, of course,” the firm voice of Moeia intervenes, “But definitely from the next one. She needs to rest now. The magic I’ve used is strong, it will heal her wounds in a few hours but she’ll be weak due to the blood loss. Let her rest. Great responsibility has been thrust upon her. I don’t think she understands the seriousness of what she has to do now,” she sighs, “If she fails, not only will we suffer, even she will.”

“I believe she can.” Says Adrian firmly.

For the next three hours, Becca stays in slumber, breathing heavily as Adrian looks over her, alert should another attack happen. When she wakes, being who she is, the first thing she does is ask questions,

“Who did this?”

“The Queen. She sent pixies.”

“Pixies,” Becca frowns, “Aren’t they supposed to mischievous and not evil?”

“Yes, but Doerian believes the Queen is manipulating them somehow. Now no more questions, you will sleep,” She adds on as Becca opens her mouth to speak,”Please just listen to me once. You need as much energy you can conserve. This quest is going to exhausting and extremely perilous. And remember, I might not be there with you.”

“ Okay.” Becca finally sighs and lies down.

After the portal opens and closes and there are no more attacks, just before 12, Doerian appears, to find Becca and Adrian talking. He has a few weapons, as many he could spare. He carefully hands them over to the girls. Becca chooses a small dagger whose hilt is carved with intricate patterns and Adrian takes a bow and a set of 12 arrows. Doerian gives them some last minute advice and a plastic water bottle.

“Where did you get that?” asks a shocked Becca, “That’s plastic!”

“I am well aware of what this is.” Says Doerian warily

“I was holding that when I came here.” Replies Adrian with a shake of her head as she looks at Becca and Doerian.

“The time has come,” suddenly Doerian speaks up, looking at the machinery of the clock, visible from where they all are standing, “May the gods protect you.” He says and mutters something, inaudible to the rest.

Adrian holds Becca’s hand tightly and whispers “Don’t let go, no matter what.” Becca nods and stares right ahead, waiting for the portal to open. And when it does open, both of them take a step ahead. Adrian gives one last glance to a tight lipped Doerian, who is still disappointed he can’t go. Unlike their uncertainty, the portal swallows them without hesitation and within a moment, the girls are transported to another dimension, another world.

Becca barely has time to look around when she hears Adrian’s cry for help.


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