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Between Dimensions- Chapter 6

Updated on September 7, 2015


“What the hell?” asks Becca, “There’s no way I am wearing that.”

“Oh but you will have to,” says a highly amused Logan, “If you want to get into the castle.”

“Of course we do. And don’t crib Becca.” Adrian says irritably, “Just wear it.”

“But how are we supposed to do anything at all wearing these stupid fancy dresses?”

“You think I like these,” Replies Adrian crossly, “We don’t have any other option.”

Becca was horrified when she saw what Adrian and she would have to wear. The dresses were similar to what women used to wear in olden times. A tight corset and layers of fabric. On top was a flowing and frilly gown with pearls. Becca’s was of a light pink color with a broad silver lace. White pearls lined the neckline, giving the illusion of a necklace. It was beautiful, she had admitted, but then Logan had said that it was very good because she will have to wear it. Since then, Becca had been doing everything she could to make Adrian see that it would be impossible to even walk in the stupid dress, but it was all in vain.

She sighs and picks up the dress, “I don’t know how to wear this thing.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Says Logan and opens the door to reveal two maidservants for both of the girls. “They’ll help you.”

One of them follow Adrian into another room, while the other picks up the pink gown and enters another room. Becca gives Logan a sullen look and follows her. Before she can leave, Logan grabs her hand and pulls her aside,

“What are you-”

“Don’t say anything in front of her. She doesn’t know anything.”

“Obviously.” She frowns and jerks her hand out of his grip.

“Does it have to be so tight?” winces Becca as the woman pulls the strings of the corset.

“Yes.” She replies and keeps on suffocating her.

In the adjacent room, Adrian tries to keep a straight face as the corset pushes into her body. The servant helps her into the dark blue velvet dress. It is adorned with golden glitter and an intricate lace covers it. Her hair is pulled into a loose bun and a large blue pendant is hung around her neck. Two earrings made of the same blue stone adorn her ears. She touches the smooth surface of the pendant lightly and thinks to herself, This should be convincing. The Queen hasn’t seen me, so it shouldn’t be a problem. We have to do this, otherwise…

Logan looks at himself in the mirror. He looks good. He always did in a tuxedo, but he never liked them. The material was stiff and itchy and he couldn’t move as he wanted because of layers and layers of cloth. In this matter, he agreed with Becca. These clothes were stupid, no matter how classy they looked. He wanted to know more about Becca’s world, where no one had to wear these clothes. It was a bit of a shock for him when he had first seen Adrian. She was wearing what she called a T Shirt and a pant which barely came up to her knees.

He couldn’t help but stare at her bare legs, and she had snapped of course. From that point on he had decided that whatever world she came from was weird. A place where everyone wore such clothes, he was sure he would die of embarrassment the first time he wore something like that. Adrian wasn’t much of a talker and all along their quest, he was the one trying to start a conversation. And whenever she got too irritated, she would just ignore him. He found that extremely rude at first, but then got used to it. When they failed in their quest he would blame himself each day. After some time he decided that regret won’t get him anywhere. Till the next time someone came, he would have to collect as much information he could get out of the Queen and her courtiers.

But when Becca came, he knew Becca was different. So different from Adrian. Her curt answers and brisk attitude always caught him by surprise. All the ladies in his world were always blushing when he even glanced at them. If he talked to them, they would consider it to be a marriage proposal. He was so used to this behavior that he couldn’t help but be surprised by Becca’s behavior. She never blushed, never hesitated before answering, and the best thing about her was that she never batted her eyelashes whenever they made eye contact. This habit of the ladies made him sick.

“Adoring yourself?” a voice interrupts his thoughts.

He turns around to find Becca, think of the the devil, he thinks and looks at her. The pink of her gown compliments her skin and makes it glow. For the first time, her hair was open. The soft curls rested in her shoulders and framed her face. He hated to admit it, but she looked beautiful. She looked like a painting of their Goddess, standing beside their God. She raises her eyebrows when he doesn’t take his eyes off her face.

“Let’s go.” Comes out of his mouth, when he wanted to say, ‘You look beautiful.’ Had it been another one of the court ladies, he would have said it. But this was different, he knew, a compliment won’t earn him a blush, rather a snide remark. And maybe she’d hate him even more after that.

So he walks out of his room, following Becca.


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