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Between Dimensions- Chapter 9

Updated on September 10, 2015


“I won’t dance!” Becca hisses, “Don’t you get it?”

“You have to,” Logan replies, “It’s not like I am dying to dance with you. Don’t flatter yourself with that thought. I’ve danced with finer ladies.”

“Then why are you forcing me to dance?”

“Why are you so stupid? Don’t you see that the Queen is watching us?”

“She’s dancing,” Becca answers disdainfully, “With her back to us.”

“And you don’t think other people here are? She has spies. Now come.” He takes her hand in his, surprisingly gentle. Becca suppress the urge to jerk it away.

“I don’t know how to dance like this.” Becca says with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“Just follow me.” Logan places his hand on her back and entwines the fingers of Becca’s hand with his other. She hesitantly puts her free hand on his shoulder. Logan gives her an encouraging smile and they begin to dance.

I should’ve brought Becca along, Adrian thinks as she looks at the guards outside the Queen’s chambers. She had been standing there for a few minutes now, thinking of a way to get in. “Eureka!” she says, a little louder than she meant to, and looks around. She sighs as she realizes no one has noticed her. She takes in a deep breath and starts walking confidently. Walking on her tip toes, she follows the cleaning lady who had appeared round a corner when she was hiding. She winces as she hits the poor woman on her head and catches the unconscious body.

“Sorry.” she mutters as she hooks her arms around the unconscious woman’s shoulders and drags her behind the thick curtains. Adrian takes of her jewelry and takes the mop and bucket and ties the white apron around her waist. She keeps her face devoid of any emotion and walks towards the guards.

Before she can enter, one of them stops her and asks,

“You new?” His grin makes her want to smack his face but she looks down and answers quietly,


“You pretty, you know that.”

She forces herself to keep a straight face and walks, trying really hard to control her temper. When he grabs her arm, she is unable to help what she does next. She yanks her arm away in one swift motion and brings up her right hand to his face. Her hand leaves a red imprint on his cheek and he looks at her incredulously.

“Keep your filthy hands away from me,” she spats, “and don’t you dare treat any woman like this again.”

Saying this, she walks away as the guards are left staring after her. As soon as she is inside the bedroom, she looks around. A huge bed with satin bed sheets, the same heavy curtains. There is even a grand balcony providing a view of the entire city. Adrian hastily turns away as the weight of miserable memories stumble upon her. She walks towards the Queen’s walk in wardrobe, which is as huge as the bed chamber. She sighs in disappointment as she sees that there are only clothes there. The collection of gowns is vast, nothing you wouldn’t expect from a Queen. Just as she is about to turn around and leave, she catches the sight of an opening in the wooden panel behind one of the Queen’s plush dresses. She pushes the dress aside and stares at the panel. She finally lets herself hope. Extending her hand towards the panel, she pushes it to the left with ease. Her eyes widen and a scream escapes from her lips as she sees what is behind the panel.

“Where is your cousin?” the hair raising voice drones and brings Becca out of her thoughts.

“I do not know,” She replies, “Should I go and check?” And looks expectantly at Logan.

“You said she wasn’t feeling well.” The Queen asks, looking directly at Becca.

As if your voice wasn’t enough to scare me, she thinks to herself and answers, “Yes, and I am very worried about her.”

“Of course you. Go and check on her. Tell me if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” Becca replies as she stands up. Seeing the look Logan is giving her, she adds, “For yur kindness and hospitality.”

The Queen gives her a sickeningly beautiful smile in answer and Becca starts walking away. She wanted to explore the palace, but she decides against it when she realizes that someone was following her.

Your spies aren’t all that subtle, bitch. She had taken to calling the Queen that. So now, instead of going around the place, looking for Adrian, she turns towards the chambers assigned to her and Adrian. The palace was huge, obviously, and Becca wasn’t used to walking around so much to get to her room from a dinner table. In her house, all she had to do was climb some stairs. But here, she had to walk long distances in the maze of corridors. And the worst part, according to her was that she had to wear dresses that weighed the same as her, and not clothes.

As she enters the chamber, she thinks, this is what royalty feels like. She plans on flopping on the huge bed, but instead an involuntary gasp escapes her.


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    • Hansika Sachdeva profile imageAUTHOR

      Hansika Sachdeva 

      3 years ago from India

      Thank you!

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 

      3 years ago from India


    • unvrso profile image

      Jose Juan Gutierrez 

      3 years ago from Mexico City

      Interesting hub! The topic of dimensions interest me a lot!


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