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Between The Lines

Updated on April 25, 2012

Do I have to spell it out?
It's right here in plain black and white
This couldn't be more obvious
I would tell you
But then it'd be too easy
You have to read for yourself
Find out personally
First person, your point of view
But if you can't see it,
Then you must be incoherent
It doesn't require any struggle
It's easily comprehended
To a simple mind, open to ideas.
Whether you're reading or listening
Just pay close attention
Don't think too hard
You will find what you seek
Between the lines.


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    • Kane Spade profile image

      Kane Spade 6 years ago from The Mind Of A True Writer

      Yeah i see you do have potential and i like how this hub was done, creative.

    • Casey Cooper profile image

      Casey Cooper 6 years ago from Collinsville, Illinois

      Good use of photos to enhance the message.