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Beyond Pleasure Lies Dreams: A Sensual Sci-Fi Short

Updated on October 22, 2013

"You're going to love this," she said, her eyes glowing softly as they reflected the light of the city skyline through the translucent penthouse windows. She looked stunning, dressed in a sultry black gown fashioned by the finest designers on Earth.

But this was not Earth.

She had the dress made and imported to her living quarters on Mars for this very occasion, to seduce the lover sitting before her. It seemed to be working too, as he had grown quite eager as he stared at her body, worshipping it.
After the great terraforming project, Mars had become everything the Earthbound ones had ever wanted their planet to be, a utopia. Mars had cultivated a population void of crime or war or even government. It was like the air itself bred peace and tranquility. However, their fashion options paled in comparison to Earth, she felt, so she always had her clothing imported transglobally.

She moved purposefully to the windows and opened them, allowing the full splendor of Olympus, the finest city in all of the terraformed red planet, to shine keenly through. He sensed she was having second thoughts about tonight and he was right. She thought she was ready to perform for him, but now, here in this large room, her confidence was draining away from her. The gentleman stood up and approached her, meeting her exposed back at the window. He touched it gently and she let out a soft breath.

"You know you don't have to convince me about loving this," he said, "we've done this before, remember?"

She looked back at him and smiled. "No, never all the way."

"I'm not scared," he said.

"Neither am I," she said, turning her eyes down to the floor. "I just....I don't want to hurt you."

He turned her around and kissed her as best he could, before meeting her gaze directly. In a reassuring voice, he told her, "I want this, and you do too, so let's do this without fear of anything. Let's let fate take us where it has always intended and when it's done, you'll see how right it is." She soaked up every word as he spoke them. Her trust in him had become absolute in that moment and she was ready to perform. He himself began to prepare for what was about to come. He was no stranger to the ways of human sex, having racked up a few conquests, mostly in his frat boy days at Dartmouth.

But she wasn't human.

The goddess before him had arrived, with others of her kind, about 10 years ago, soon after the terraforming was completed and humans began migrating to the planet in droves. The goal of his race, her race, and the other races that came after was the same: A new life on a new planet, while desperately avoiding old mistakes. It paid off too, as each new species was more than willing to coexist and share their culture and technology, creating a perfect society. Pollution does not exist here, resources are all renewable, and anyone non-compliant with the agreed upon rules are deported back to their planet of origin by a committee of the people. That very rarely happens.

Naturally, as each species adapted to each other, interspecies dating not only occurred, but was encouraged. Her species, however usually avoided this practice due to the special sexual arts they performed amongst each other that could be harmful to outside races. He loved his goddess, and while she was able to pleasure him and he her, he wanted to risk it all and take part of the ultimate act of her races' love. After a few months of gentle persuasion, she had yielded.

He moved to undress her, the black Earth-made gown softly hitting the floor as it slinked down over her yellow-green skin. She looked into his both of his eyes with all three of her soft black ones and he was entranced by the little yellow specks of light that danced inside them. With the utmost sincerity he told her, "You cannot imagine the beauty I see in your eyes." The yellow specks glowed brighter and she smiled as she absorbed his words. She removed his clothing and ran her hands along the back of his spine. Her touch was smooth and soft, much like her skin, which had a smooth metallic sheen.

"Lie on the bed and close your eyes," she whispered, nervous yet excited at the same time. He complied with anticipation and she lowered her body onto his. She pressed her fingers onto his sweat-beaded temples and then, in one smooth motion sunk her fingers further, past his skin and his skull, into the flesh underneath. He felt as he had never felt before; as if he was floating underwater, only still able to breathe. He wanted to open his eyes but didn't dare, for fear of losing this sensation.
The ritual had begun.

Back on the bed, she swayed back and forth, as if dancing to a slow rhythmic tune, her fingers still penetrating his mind. Without moving her lips she spoke to him telepathically. "What do you desire?" she asked.

"I want you," he said, bluntly. "I want you to take me apart from the inside, peel my skin and fuse it with yours."

"Is this your ultimate desire?" she inquired, still in his mind.

"It is. Perform your dance within, until flesh melts into flesh and the liquid of our souls have mixed. This is what I hear all around me. These are your desires as well, aren't they?"

She continued to sway on the bed, he still adrift in the sea she had created for him. She flitted her middle eye open while the other two remained closed; focused. "Yes, you are hearing my desires. They are melding with yours. I am on my way, my love," she said, her telepathic voice becoming more singsong as she swayed. All of a sudden, her belly opened up, lengthwise, and six long appendages briskly extended from the gaping cavity of their hostess. Each identical extension of her body resembled enlarged earthworms, only with heads that looked like scalpels made of bone.


One by one, the tendrils dug their way inside the man, two at his neck, two at his belly, and the final two at his genitals. A blue energy began to flow into him from each of the new connections she had made and, inside his private sea, the man felt wave after wave of intense pleasure, a pleasure that no Earth language could possibly describe, but may have felt like the sensation of being born, the feeling one gets when they first fall in love, and the joy of Christmas as a child all combined into one overwhelming feeling.

"Join me now. Meld with me, I beg of you," his mind screamed.

In the physical realm, she drew her tentacles in, lifting his body and bringing it into hers. His physical body was absorbed into her cavity and she curled onto the bed in a fetal position, now alone in the penthouse apartment. She began to twitch, suddenly and violently, and her knees drew closer to her chest, while her arms wrapped tighter around her legs. Her limbs began to sink into her own body in a liquid-like manner as she moaned with pleasure. She had become a ball of flesh, a near perfect sphere, lying on the bed, nestled amongst the white satin sheets.

She found him drifting, with his eyes closed and mouth agape. She thought he looked a little silly, yet she was completely enamored by the sight. "Open your eyes, I am with you," she proclaimed. He did as instructed and was relieved that the sensations he felt with his eyes closed had not disappeared. If anything, they had just been enhanced by her arrival to him. He wrapped her in his arms and she kissed him passionately on the lips. He ran his fingers through her long black hair and said, "This is more than I had ever thought possible. I could float here with you forever." Her hands explored his body and eventually met his. She curled her fingers around his. "There's more," she said, playfully. His eyes light up, "Show me." She kissed him one more time, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and the two lovers exploded into fragments of light and sound.

"Wake up, lover."

"Where are we now?"

"Don't you feel it? We are everywhere inside here. We are everything."

He was now able to see a thousand angles of the tranquil sea they had been floating in. He could hear a thousand different pitches of sound at once. He could feel a thousand of her fingers upon his nothingness. They were both air, occupying all the same space within the sea, at the same time. They were truly one.

"It feels...."

"Like you're free from any and all fear, pain, or doubt?"

"That's it exactly. It's the most pleasurable feeling ever. It also feels a bit...familiar"

"We must return now. The ritual is complete."

"Do we have to go?"

"Everything in moderation. Trust that I love you more than I have ever thought possible and that we will return to this place again."

"I love you too. I can barely even remember how messed up I was before you came and picked me up."

"Let's go, I have a secret to share with you."

Back in the apartment, she began to uncurl from her spherical form, her limbs returned to her and she unfolded on the bed. She lay flat and, with much physical pleasure, she opened her chest and her lover emerged, in stasis, carried by the worm-like appendages she carried within her. He was gently placed onto the bed, arranged into a comfortable position next to her. The worms retracted back into her body and the cavity sealed, leaving no trace that it had ever even been there. He awoke, clean and unscarred, lying naked next to his mate. His classy charm temporarily abandoned him as he said, "That. Was. Awesome!" She giggled at the child-like giddiness on his face. "I'm just glad you're safe, dear. If any of my kind have decided to do that with a human, no one has talked about it. I had no idea what was going to happen and I was so scared. I'm so happy you talked me into it." His charm returned to him, he motioned to have her lay her head on his chest. She obliged. He told her how he would have risked anything for her.

He was curious about the secret she mentioned, but since she wasn't bringing it up, he thought it could wait until the morning. Besides, if it was bad news, he didn't want to hear it at the moment. He relaxed and they shared a smile and cuddled together until they both fell asleep and dreamed of floating upwards-- over the city lights, past the tallest mountains of the terraformed red planet, past the stars that burned bright just for them.

Just floating and floating further into blackness.

"Another human, dead. Pity they are so frail," he said, blinking all three of his dark black eyes in frustration. His assistant in the experiment wiped the beading sweat from the High Inquirer's yellow-green skinned forehead and informed him that they were almost out of the hallucinogenic anesthetic.
The High Inquirer placed his cutting tool down and paced the operating room. "We'll have to pause this
particular project and order some more. If only they didn't die so easily," he said, disappointed.

The creatures left the room, leaving behind the lifeless body of a human man, strapped to a cold metal table, the top of his head removed and his brain exposed. Worm-like tubes were inserted into his chest and neck, each lined with traces of a viscous blue liquid.

The dead man was smiling.

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    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 3 years ago from Northeast United States

      Very unique story: ). Very sensual with an edgy spacey quality. Voted up and interesting.

    • profile image

      rcorcutt 4 years ago

      As a fellow writer and big sci-fi fan this is pretty cool . Nice imagery.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Wow, this is certainly an interesting and very creative, sensual sci-fi! Excellent write and most intriguing to say the least. I normally do not really read much sci-fi, but this one keeps one's attention and was very enjoyable to read.

      Up and more

      Have a lovely evening,

      Faith Reaper