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Beyond the Movie, The Fate of the Golden Ticket Winners

Updated on March 8, 2017
Willy Wonka and the children enter into the inventing room of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory
Willy Wonka and the children enter into the inventing room of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory | Source

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Quote:

"...But do keep together! Please don't wander off by yourselves! I shouldn't like to lose any of you at this stage of the proceedings! Oh, dear me, no! " -Willy Wonka

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Wonka Passing Judgment

Many people have mixed feelings about this story, even I do. One part of me thinks it's cute and then another part of me thinks it's twisted. Think about it, you have a grown man who believes that he has the right to pass judgment on children who are bratty by turning a seemingly pleasant event into something traumatic. He lured the children with sweets all so he could fulfill his dream of continuing his legency and to have fun punishing those he felt entitled to deem unworthy.

Augustus Gloop

Augustus Gloop is being interviewed after winning the first Golden Ticket.
Augustus Gloop is being interviewed after winning the first Golden Ticket. | Source

Gloop Falls In

I found it interesting how the parents reacted when their child was in danger. While Augustus Gloop is drowning in the chocolate river, the mother could have extended her arm or umbrella to her son but instead turns to her husband and screams at him to save their son. Mr. Gloop did not want to dive in to save his son because he did not want to ruin his best suit. So he took the time to try to take his suit off so he wouldn't ruin it, but by that time their son had already been sucked in by the pipes. The mother panics and tells her son to come back at once which is impossible since Augustus can not swim and the suction from the pipe was pulling him under. Meanwhile, Augustus's father looks on and wonders how the pipes are big enough to let his son through.

That Gloop is Not Edible

Wonka is more concerned about his chocolate being ruined than the safety and well-being of Augustus and even laughs and makes fun of Augustus Gloop while Mrs. Gloop becomes hysterical. Saying that if Augustus is poured into the fudge boiler, his fudge would become inedible.

As if that's not insulting enough, the Oompa-Loompas start calling Augustus names such as "Great Big Greedy Nincompoop", "A beast that gorges, guzzles, feeds and feasts on everything he wants", "A pig that would never give the slightest bit of fun or happiness to anyone", "A revolting boy", "Unutterably vile, greedy, foul and infantile" and that he'd be better turned into a doll, ball, marble, and rocking horse. In fact out of all the children, he was the most brutally made fun of and insulted.

Augustus was heading towards the fudge boiler. In the song, the Oompa-Loompas said that once he goes through the machine he will be so altered that all the greed and gall will be boiled away and then he will be loved by all...but that's only if he were turned into fudge. Augustus didn't go to the boiler, but ended up being squeezed by the pipes that he went through which is how he became thinner.

Reason Why Augustus Would Never Have Inherited The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka cares about his chocolate factory a lot. There are several reasons, I believe that he wouldn't have chosen Augustus even if he was the last child standing.

Besides the fact that Augustus does not seem like a child that listens since he ate something without permission. Augustus cared more about eating the chocolate than caring for the chocolate. He contaminated the chocolate river with human hands while he had a cold. His carelessness concerning the chocolate may have been the reason why Wonka would not have wanted Augustus.

Veruca Salt

Veruca lists all the things she wants her father to do for her
Veruca lists all the things she wants her father to do for her | Source

Veruca's Descent

Out of all of them, Veruca's story was the most altered in the 1971 film. The others were pretty much the same. In the film, there were geese that were quadruple the size and eggs that were 8 times their size. And there was a machine that determined whether or not the egg was good or bad. But in the book, there were 100 squirrels that were cracking walnuts and determining which nut was a bad nut or a good nut by knocking on it to determine if it was hollow inside. When Veruca came in they pinned her to the ground, determined that her head was hollow, and carried her to a large hole in the ground and dropped her in. The hole was a rubbish chute that led to the incinerator.

Parent's Reaction

Since it is believed that it is the parent's fault for spoiling her, Wonka then decides to trick the parents into going into the nut room. Believing that they would be able to pull their child out, the squirrels then end up pushing the parents into the hole. When Veruca and her parents walked out of the factory, they were still covered in rubbish.

Reason Why Veruca Would Never Have Inherited The Chocolate Factory

Veruca asked too many questions and was used to getting her way. Wonka probably did not want to have her inherit his factory full of sweets because Veruca herself was not sweet. On Veruca's descent down the hole, she comingles with some spoiled and rotten food. This probably represents Wonka's way of "humblizing" Veruca by surrounding her with something just as spoiled and rotten as she is.

Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde eyes the 3 meal gum that Willy Wonka shows to his guests.
Violet Beauregarde eyes the 3 meal gum that Willy Wonka shows to his guests. | Source

Violet's Bad Habits

Violet loves gum and she only stops at mealtimes to put the gum behind her ear. Her mother tells her it's unladylike which angers Violet. Violet claims that her mother's mouth wags from nagging her just as much as she chews gum.

At night time, she sticks the gum on the bedpost and then chews it in the morning. She would stick the gum on the buttons in the elevator when she came home from school so that people's hands would get sticky when they pressed the button. She especially enjoyed when women who had expensive gloves pushed the buttons. While trying to find the golden ticket, Violet decided to stop chewing gum and ate chocolate instead, but went back to gum right after she found the golden ticket.

The Cure

The Oompa-Loompas sing that if Violet doesn't fix her bad habits that she'll end up like a woman named Miss Bigelow who because of her bad habit of chewing gum couldn't stop chewing even when she wasn't chewing gum and ended up splitting her tongue in two and going to a sanatorium.

Violet's "bad habit" alters her appearance like Miss Bigelow's. The oompa-loompas say that to keep her from going to a sanatorium they will "cure" her of any bad habits. Although, they claim that they can't be sure whether or not she survives the cure. One of the things they are going to do is squeeze and dejuice Violet. By squeezing and dejuicing Violet, she is no longer blown up like a human blueberry, but she will remain blue. I'm guessing this is their way of leaving her with a reminder that something bad will happen to her if she decides to continue her bad habits.

Reason Why Violet Would Never Have Inherited The Chocolate Factory

Besides the fact that Wonka hates bad habits, Violet loves gum over chocolate. Wonka even said that he hated gum and thought it was disgusting. There is no way he would turn his chocolate and candy factory over to a person who prefers gum.

Mike Teavee

Mike is annoyed about being interviewed about winning the Golden ticket while he is watching television
Mike is annoyed about being interviewed about winning the Golden ticket while he is watching television | Source

Mike Teavee - Television Fanatic

In the film, all Mike does is watch television and his mother serves him tv dinners while he is watching tv. Mike wants a colt .45 but his dad won't let him have one until he turns 12. In the book, he was annoyed by the reporter and visitors because they interrupted him while he was watching television. He liked to watch gangsters shoot other gangsters and had toy pistols around his body. Every once in awhile, he would leap up and fire off half a dozen rounds from one of his toy pistols. Mike says he likes the shooting ones because he likes to see the other person being shot up with lead and also punched and wishes he could do this all himself.

The Dangers of Not Knowing the Difference Between Reality and Fiction

In the Oompa Loompa song, they point out the dangers of children not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy and that if you want to teach a child the difference then they should read a book. In the Oompa-Loompa song, the books they mentioned a child could read were fictional.

I thought that the Oompa Loompa song didn't make sense. Reading about something like dragons and fictional things from a book versus on the screen will not make you know the difference between reality and fantasy. You're just being entertained by a different type of media. Just because you read the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" instead of watching the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" doesn't mean that you won't know that Willy Wonka isn't a real person or that there's no such thing as Oompa-Loompas. Reading books is a good thing but it won't make you be more social, stop you from being a brat, or make you know the difference between what's real or fiction. In truth, the problem Mike had was that he was probably bored and what he seen on television seemed exciting so much so he wanted to become and emulate what he seen on television. What he needed more than a book was to get out more and experience real life, find something he finds exciting, and to have some discipline.

Reason Why Mike Would Never Have Inherited The Chocolate Factory

I found it interesting that Wonka answered most of the other children's questions, but was annoyed by Mike asking questions. I think it was due to the fact that he found it insulting that Mike who wanted to emulate fictional characters on television dared to ask about his rationality.

He questioned why Wonka made gum in his factory if he thought gum was disgusting, about snozzberries and what they could possibly taste like and about hair cream because he probably wondered why that was in a chocolate factory (which Wonka called a silly question). Each time, Wonka interrupted him, became annoyed and ignored him or told him to stop mumbling.

Another reason for not choosing Mike was because he was more interested in television than he was chocolate. He was given a choice to go to any part of the chocolate factory he wanted to and he chose to go to televison chocolate (they didn't call it television chocolate in the book).

Mike ends up being as thin as a wire and 10 feet tall.

Lifetime Supply of Bittersweet Chocolates and Bittersweet Memories

Each child's physical alteration may also be another way of showing an emotional scar that they may have to live with for the rest of their lives. And then, to show how insensitive Wonka is, he must know that after going through all of that that most if not all the children may not come back each time to the factory to stock up on their lifetime supply of chocolates and sweets. In the film the children had to sign contracts, but in the book they did not sign contracts. It would not have been surprising if the parents would later on have sued Wonka.


In the Wonkavator, Willy Wonka tells Charlie that he will inherit his chocolate factory.
In the Wonkavator, Willy Wonka tells Charlie that he will inherit his chocolate factory. | Source

Why Charlie Was Chosen To Inherit The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka is an inventor of chocolates and takes his inventions seriously. Grandpa Joe constantly told him that he was a genius and Charlie said it was the most wonderful place on earth which Wonka was glad to hear. The adults thought Wonka crazy and a few of the other kids and adults asked a lot of questions that tried his patience. In the book, Charlie was the only child who did not touch anything without permission, he didn't have any bad habits, he was obedient and he didn't ask questions that annoyed Wonka about the inventions. Wonka said he purposely chose a child because an adult would run the factory his own way. Out of all the children, Charlie's personality would allow Wonka to have complete control over his factory and ensure that his factory will run the way he would like it to run even after he is dead.

The Consequences of Being an Heir

I believe that when Wonka crashed through the Buckets' home, it makes it where they will have no home to go back to and gives them less of an excuse to venture in and out the factory. So now, the Buckets' have nowhere to go and are totally dependent on Wonka. The Oompa-Loompas were starving just like Charlie's family and Wonka has them all working and living at his factory, but they never step a foot outside the factory. This may also be Charlie and his family's fate since Wonka fears that the other chocolatiers may be able to sneak in and steal his recipes. Although, I have a feeling that Charlie will have more chances of going out of the chocolate factory than the rest of the family.


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