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Beyond Distance

Updated on November 30, 2016

My Vision of Hope

What gives you inspiration when writing poetry? I write poetry that comes from my deepest thoughts. Sometimes I write poetry that comes to my thoughts in an instant. I love writing poetry. Not only is it a way to share inspiration, it can also make the writer feel inspired while writing it.

This poem is about a love that goes beyond the boundaries. A love that has a powerful pull for two people, with no other purpose but to love one another the only way they can. Distance is in between them, but love conquers the miles.


Have you ever longed for a love far away?

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This, I believe will go well with the theme of my poetry. It is the same conversation.

Beyond Distance

I still pray up to heaven for us

to be together…obstacles impossible

without a golden halo for he to offer.

My thoughts turning to sadness

as I realize with despair. It wasn't

meant to be, no; he will not once

take us there.

We may never know how it feels

to be together. Miles apart we dwell;

Destinies that differ...

you at the beginning, me in the

middle, time and space between us

our fate to which we surrender.

Now, as I walk out the door, it’s the

start of spring. I breathe in the aroma

of fresh grass green...

birds chirping happily in the tall

trees, the breeze blowing slightly

rustling the leaves.

It is then as I raise my eyes to the

billowing sky, that I know he has given

us a gift of pure splendor.

This gift of love that exists in a world

set apart; no race, no religion, not even

our worlds afar part could render.

For we become one as we wonder

at the stars at night. We are near to

each other in a beautiful bright sunrise.

With these moments that can be felt

on both sides of the earth, we will remain

distant souls who are forever fated.


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    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Kai! :)

    • profile image

      Kai 2 years ago

      It's pretty neat honestly ^^