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Big Ears, No Chin

Updated on October 16, 2010
Big ears, No Chin
Big ears, No Chin | Source

You might be one of those that first notice Delphine Oronomoco’s big ears and lack of chin.

Then again, you might be the sort that instead locks onto her extended proboscis or limpid, penetrating eyes. Or is it her dense auburn spit-curls you initially fix upon? Her quirky assortment of earrings? Her signature wide white pointed collars and oddly patterned shirts? The 2-lb weights that seemingly never leave her hands? No?

Well, all you ever really need to note about slender Delphine is that she is Cameroon’s all-time premier marathoner, with a phenomenal time of 2:01:27 in the dreaded Douala Drag, run annually along the banks of that capital city’s Wouri River.

Here we see Delphine during a momentary rest in her typical daily regimen of 50 miles or more, along the sloping flanks of volcanic Mount Cameroon; 17 miles run before breakfast, and still no sweat! You go, girl!


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