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Black Dillinger, in the memory of Dad.

Updated on July 10, 2015

Black Dillinger Dad and son Gods Poet Nkosinathi.


Black Dillinger Jabu, in the memory of Dad.

Black Dillinger in the memory of Dad.

Black Dillinger, the symbol of gangsterism.
The symbol of the gun.
The symbol of the rifle.
The symbol of the automatic rifle.
The symbol of the state.
The symbol of the atomic bomb.

Now a days *iggers is running around.
Invading countries.
Bombing innocent civilians in their native land.
Now a days the government and president they
running around invading countries bombing
Innocent civilians in their native land.

Are they not supposed to be protecting us?

Before apartheid is was corrupt.

We have democracy it is still corrupt.

The young black male is failing the young black
woman. Getting her drunk in night clubs at 3am
in the morning, off cheap alcohol and expensive

At the price of what?

We need to question more?

Dear Lord Jesus.
I am down on my knees, eyes closed and praying.
Please forgive for what I am about to say.
Where where you on the night they slained my

They slained a gangster, yet he was my father.

My soul, my soul, rest in peace
May my family, close affiliates and cherished souls
be cosy and warm on earth.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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