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Blarney Stone

Updated on April 22, 2017
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Juliet Austin- Is an aspiring Writer she enjoys writing poetry, her favorite poet's are William Wordsworth, Claude McKay, and Maya Angelou.

Blarney stone
Julie Stewart-Austin

Like a tempest in Day's of old

Blinded by a dazzling smile,

Eyes as black as night.

Smooth and soft his skin of black.

Masculine hands that promised strength,

Long fingers lent visions of tender caress.

I took from outstretched hands the blarney stone, without a thought.

Properly seduced, by a cad without a care, or thought.

A game invented by foolish Men, for the fickle heart of a Lady dear.

Had she not upon the blarney stone feasted

Her vision. A heartbreak would hence enfold.

Call it intuition, or foretelling.

The jackanapes was put to task.

Luckily for the foolish Cad.

The lady did not deem fit to throw the stone at the Devils' head.

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Blarney Castle in Ireland



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