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Blood Pact.

Updated on October 7, 2011

 "When light no longer
rose to kiss me..."
my lips ached in the
shadows of demons wings,
for I had sold
my soul for music,
and the devil had
claimed his due.

Mine was a
magnificent voice given
that one would die for,
after the contract was signed.

But the brilliance of
inspiration abandoned me,
leaving me nothing I could sing.

Others music was just sandpaper,
raw and scratchy in my throat.
Only my own soulful lyrics
and the haunting melodies
of my  fondest dreams
would woo the masses.

But I had sold my soul,
for a perfect set
of vocal chords
that now hummed the
harmonies of my despair.

I slit my throat
in a moment of angst,
angry at its inadequacies
I severed it,
not aware that...

Far below the devil prepared
a vast amphitheater for me
to spend eternity singing in.

A place to entertain
the thousands
of damned music lovers
who were left deaf,
their eyes pleading
for a single note,
that my pitiful voice
could not answer.


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